2011 – Ministry Events


12/1/11 Shrimp Boil

Three officers, 10 members, and one guest (14 total participants) attended the 12/1/11 Shrimp Boil at Great Hills Baptist Church.  Several FCS members and one guest were the cooks.  We fed around 85 people.  I, Randy Rowley, would like to thank the following FCS members and guest who helped cook and clean up: Ron Denison, Burl Fulenwider, Paul Irwin, Ken Kappler, Kenneth Kidd, Mark Moore, and Daryl Shipper.

3/31/11 Wild Game Dinner

On 3/31/11 FCS hosted our first ever Wild Game Dinner for the Men’s Ministry at Great Hills Baptist Church.  Seven officers, six members, one son, two guests (16 total participants), and 39 Men’s Ministry guests (56 grand total) attended.  The menu included grilled venison, chicken fried venison, venison sausage, venison chili, dove, duck, quail, redfish, hybrid bass, snapper, homemade beans, corn on the cob, and rolls.

Many volunteers made this event possible.  I especially want to acknowledge:

  • John Murray for making his Lake of Fire Chili
  • Ken Miller for making his Slap Your Mama Chili
  • Bruce Crockett for making his Crockett’s Last Stand Chili
  • Chris Rowley for making homemade beans
  • Charlie Batts, Bret Mercer, Hobie and Terilyn Horton, Ken Miller, Ron Denison, Bruce Crockett, Kevin Wall, Charles Cutchens, Randy Rowley, and Jeff Cates for donating game of various sorts
  • Ron and Tom Hewitt for being the grill masters and Charles and Randy for being one of the fry chefs
  • A host of food preparers including Charles, Ken, Daryl Shipper, Richard Corbin, Justin McDaniel, and Jim McGee
  • Daryl for picking up the Horton’s donations
  • Jim for running to HEB to buy more bacon, cooking oil, and toothpicks
  • Andy Spencer for helping me set up and plan the event

Thank you all very much!

We donated the left-over’s in a large Igloo cooler to the people at St. George’s Court (a housing complex for low income and disabled people).  They were very appreciative.

We made $180 profit, which has been deposited into the FCS ministry account!

Randy spoke on Tying Good Knots.

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