Time to Give the Minnows Some More Water by Derrich Pollock


Sometimes things happen that are so funny that just the thought of them is enough to make you laugh out loud.  The following is not only true but also completely spontaneous and self-inflicted.

It was a dark and cool night on lake Travis when Eddy Chance, Randy Rowley, David Brandt, and I decided to go white bass fishing.  Well as most such trips go, first you have to scoop up the minnows.  After fishing at one location the four decided to move to another and on the way scoop some more minnows.  After reaching the second location, the Jonestown pump station, I suggested to Eddy that he add a little water to the minnow bucket.  Little did I know the intensity he would demonstrate at accomplishing this task.

As he leaned over the front of the boat with bucket in hand, a wave pulled on the bucket with a little more force than he had anticipated.  Not being able to counter this force, Eddy fell right off the deck.  With his top half hanging in the water and his bottom half being held by only his belt stuck on a cleat, I sprang to the front hoping to grab his belt (which by now his lower back side was exposed). Just before I could make the grab, Eddy slides right in.  Needless to say the minnows at this time had plenty of water. 

As the cold 60-degree water soaked in, Eddy was able to upright himself.  The expression and last 10 seconds worth of events would have been worth a grand prize on any home video show (if I only had a camera)!  Almost as quickly as he went in, Randy and I were pulling him out (David was answering the call of nature and could not assist).

After getting some dry clothes on Eddy and catching a few more minnows, we sat down and started to fish again; now interrupted only by a few sudden bursts of uncontrollable laughter as the recent events played back in our minds.  By the way, in spite of everything we still came home with a cooler full of fish!  The next time you see Eddy, be careful what you ask for!

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