Treestand Safety by an unknown author, contributed by Randy Rowley


Getting off the ground can be dangerous, so always practice safety when using climbing treestands.  Treat them with respect and they will not only add a new dimension to your hunting but they will also give you a lifetime of hunting memories.

NEVER climb a tree with any type of weapon on your person.  Use a pull up rope.

NEVER pull up or lower a loaded weapon.

NEVER use a treestand when sleepy or tired.

NEVER attempt to climb metal or wooden utility poles.  It is not only illegal, but extremely dangerous.  That’s a good way to die.

NEVER climb dead or diseased trees, or trees that are leaning.

NEVER climb a tree when it is wet or icy.

NEVER climb a tree that is less than eight inches in diameter at the desired hunting height.

NEVER allow more than one person on a treestand.

NEVER alter the treestand in any way.

ALWAYS wear a safety harness from the time you leave the ground until you are back on the ground.

ALWAYS make sure the nuts and bolts are secure before using.

ALWAYS clean boots of mud or snow before climbing.

ALWAYS check the safety harness for wear before the hunt.

ALWAYS verify by sight or touch the locking pins on attachment brackets

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