Watch Those Ears by Randy Rowley


Former Club President Eddy Chance was ticketed in 1993 by a Game Warden and fined $80.00 for possessing a killed doe without a tag.  Witnesses testified that Eddy shot the doe and placed the properly filled out tag deep inside the doe’s ear (due to a lack of twine).

Eddy and his friends left the doe hanging back at camp and resumed hunting.  When they returned they saw a note that stated “Do not remove this deer by order of Game Warden.”  When the warden returned, Eddy and company showed him where the tag was located. However, the warden stated that he checked the ears and did not locate a tag.  Despite the testimony of Eddy’s cohorts, he was ticketed and fined.  Moral of the story: take twine or twist ties with you during hunts to tie tags securely to killed deer.

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