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President’s note: I, Randy Rowley, will run members’ prayer requests in the most recently received/updated order for 90 days.  Unless a member updates their prayer request, after 90 days I will move prayer requests to the prayer requests archive or praises web pages.  Members, please email your prayer request(s) to me at

11/30/23 – Kevin Wall’s wife, Kim, has breast cancer.  She had surgery earlier in November 2023.  She will start chemotherapy next week for 20 weeks and then radiation for about six weeks and hormone therapy.  Please keep the Wall’s in your prayers over the next 6 months.

11/28/23 – FCS member Isaac Lieb (Ted Lieb’s son) has debilitating headaches to the point that he can’t drive.  Please pray for healing.  Isaac’s girlfriend is doing a fundraiser for his medical treatment that the insurance company has denied payment for.  The Lieb’s must pay $10,000.00 down to the medical center and another $5,000.00 down to the doctors before they can even schedule an appointment.  See if you would like to contribute.  If you have questions, contact Ted at

11/26/23 – Bret Mercer fell out of a deer stand while hunting with his grandson.  He has eight broken ribs, a broken scapula, and a fractured vertebrae.  Praise God that no surgery will be required.  Bret will be in a painful, long recovery.  Please pray for quick healing and relief from the pain.  He is still up in the hospital in Temple and Beverly says no visitors as of yet.  He’s expected to be moved to a Round Rock rehab center tomorrow or Tuesday.  Jim Miller will let Randy Rowley know when visitors are allowed.

10/2/23 – David Brune’s nephew and FCS guest Darin Biggs has bladder cancer.  He started peeing blood back in May and thought it was just another kidney stone, which he had years before.  He finally got it checked out two weeks ago and was told last week that he has a fairly rare type of aggressive cancer that was only found in the lungs.  The doctor said that it was in the muscle of the bladder and that it, “has to come out!”  Darin has become OK with the idea of having a urine bag.  A doctor told him that he has rebuilt bladders and that he could do it for him but they are unsure if his insurance will cover it.  Since it is something the doctors have never seen before in the bladder they want to make a study of him for science.  Darin was also born with only one kidney, so pray that the cancer doesn’t spread to it too.

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