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President’s note: I, Randy Rowley, will run members’ prayer requests in the most recently received/updated order for 90 days.  After 90 days I will move them to the prayer requests archive page or the praises page.  Members, please email your Prayer Request(s) to me at randywrowley@gmail.com.

6/15/21 – Chris Campbell’s oldest daughter has been diagnosed with stiff-person syndrome (a rare neurological disorder that’s characterized by fluctuating muscle rigidity in the trunk and limbs and a heightened sensitivity to stimuli such as noise, touch, and emotional distress, which can set off muscle spasms).  It’s very aggressive and is attacking her brain.  Please pray for healing.

6/12/21 – Randy Rowley’s middle daughter, Robin Painter, lost her baby boy – he was due in November.  Her husband, Justin, and her have been blessed with two daughters and a son, but the family is devastated.  Pray for healing.

4/6/21 – Eddy Chance had successful ablation surgery on 4/6/21 to correct his atrial fibrillation (AFib), which is an irregular heart beat that is often manifested as a rapid heart beat.  If it was not corrected, it presented a five times greater risk of stroke.  Pray for pain-free, complete healing.

3/17/21 – the front tire of John Murray’s bike hit an unseen rock on the evening of 3/16/21, causing him to wipe out.  He broke his collar bone and wrist and had a skull hemorrhage.  The good news is they were able to set his broken wrist without surgery and they are not seeing any additional bleeding from the hemorrhage.  Pray for complete healing.

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