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President’s note: I, Randy Rowley, will run members’ prayer requests in the most recently received/updated order for 90 days.  After 90 days I will move them to the prayer requests archive page or the praises page.  Members, please email your Prayer Request(s) to me at randywrowley@gmail.com.

10/20/21 – Chris Campbell requests prayer for his daughter Jasmin, age 18.  She wants to share her story with as many people as possible.  In November 2020 she had a pulmonary embolism.  In January 2021 she could not walk.  In March she was a quadriplegic.  On 4/14/21 (her 18th birthday) she had her first seizure/ spasm and was diagnosed with Childhood Onset Stiff Person Syndrome on 5/5/21.  The seizure/spasms lock, twist, and squeeze her body and she is unconscious from 15 minutes to 14 hours.  She then sleeps for long time.  It takes time to be able to talk again.  Each time is painful and hard to “come back” out of them.  If she doesn’t fight she doesn’t live.  She has had at least 6 weeks of IVIG treatments.  They take her down and don’t help.  Her Restart and medical THC helps her to get return and relief.  Jazmin is GJ tube for food intake and her body is shutting down on all counts.  Her doctors are wanting to put her in hospice.  Chris and Jasmin solicit prayers of the elders and righteous.

10/6/21 – an MRI of Randy Rowley prostate revealed that he has a 1 cm-sized suspicious area that has an 80% chance  of being cancer, according to the Radiologist.  However, his Urologist felt that was a premature finding as there is no indication from Randy’s PSA that he has cancer.  Randy will receive a biopsy on 11/24/21 and will see his Urologist to discuss the results on 12/1/21.  The good news is the suspicious area is very small (1 cm – pea sized) and it’s contained in his prostate and has not spread beyond it.  His Urologist told him that it has probably been growing in him for years and, even if it’s cancer, it’s 100% survivable because it’s contained.  He said that when Randy dies, it will be from something else – not this.  If it’s cancer, the options will be surgery, radiation, and monitor it via MRI’s.  If surgery is warranted, it probably won’t happen until January 2022.  Pray for good results from the biopsy.

9/24/21 – Steve Fusco had his appendix removed on 9/23/21.  Pray for complete healing.

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