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President’s note: I, Randy Rowley, will run members’ prayer requests in the most recently received/updated order for 90 days.  After 90 days I will move them to the prayer requests archive page or the praises page.  Members, please email your Prayer Request(s) to me at randywrowley@gmail.com.

4/6/21 – Eddy Chance had successful ablation surgery on 4/6/21 to correct his atrial fibrillation (AFib).  AFib is an irregular heart beat that is often manifested as a rapid heart beat.  If it was not corrected, it presented a five times greater risk of stroke.  Pray for pain-free, complete healing.

3/17/21 – the front tire of John Murray’s bike hit an unseen rock on the evening of 3/16/21, causing him to wipe out.  He broke his collar bone and wrist and had a skull hemorrhage.  The good news on 3/17/21 is they were able to set his broken wrist without surgery and they are not seeing any additional bleeding from the hemorrhage.  Pray for complete healing.

12/28/20 – Roy Zengerle fell at his ranch and hurt his knee.  He had knee surgery on 12/28/20.  Pray that he’ll heal quickly.

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