2012 – Ministry Events


12/6/12 Shrimp Boil

Three officers, six members, and one guest (10 total participants) attended the 12/6/12 Shrimp Boil at Great Hills Baptist Church.  Several FCS members and one guest were the cooks.  We fed around 80 people. We learned when we got there that the owner of the big pot and cooker came and retrieved them sometime after last year’s boil. I, Randy Rowley, only brought three cookers (one being the two burner FCS stove). Fortunately, Ken Miller and Jose Privera went and got their cookers and pots and Jose bought another one. We also used two big pots from the church. So at one point we had seven cookers and eight pots going outside, two pots going inside on the church’s stove, and potatos in the microwave! But we got it done, and on time. I would like to thank the following FCS members and guest who helped cook and/or clean up: Ken Miller, Daryl Shipper. Josh Sanchez, Burl Fulenwider, Jose Privera, Randy Gordon, and Stan Cook.  I especially would like to thank Jose and Ken for saving the day!

5/8/12 Wild Game Dinner (Ministry Event)

Six officers, five members, one guest, and one son (13 total participants) had a great time at the Annual Wild Game Dinner (Ministry Event) on 5/8/12 at the St. George’s Court Senior Housing Apartments.  We fed 24 residents of St. George’s Court venison, axis deer, sika deer; duck, dove, feral hog, hybrid bass, corn-on-the-cob, french fries, hush puppies, potato salad, cole slaw, and soft drinks.  St. George’s residents threw in beans and deserts.

The St. George’s Court residents who were present enjoyed the meal immensely and all of them took home at least one large Zip-Lock of left-overs.  They were very appreciative.

Many volunteers made this event possible, including:

  • Ken Miller for making his Slap Your Mama Chili
  • Randy Rowley for making his Radioactive Road Kill Chili
  • Charlie Batts, Jeff Cates, Flint DeShazo, Ken Miller, Randy Rowley, and Wayne Weilnau for donating game of various sorts
  • Jeff Cates, Richard Corbin, Bruce Crockett, Ron Denison, Tori Denison, Flint DeShazo, Harrison DeShazo, Burl Fulenwider, Ken Miller, Greg Moerbe, Randy Rowley, Daryl Shipper, and Harold Terry for helping out at the event
  • Ron Denison for bringing his grill

Thank you all very much!

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