2014 – Ministry Events


5/15/14 Wild Game Dinner (Ministry Event)

Two officers, five members, one son, and one daughter (nine total participants) had a great time at the 5/15/14 Wild Game Dinner (Ministry Event) at the St. George’s Court Senior Housing Apartments.  We fed 55 residents of St. George’s Court venison, axis deer, wild turkey, duck, dove, feral hog, hybrid bass, catfish, speckled trout, and kingfish!  Sides included french fries and hush puppies.  This was more than twice as many people as we fed last year (25)!

The St. George’s Court residents who were present enjoyed the meal immensely and several of them took home left-overs.  They were very appreciative.

Many volunteers made this event possible, including:

  • Ken Miller for making venison chili
  • Charlie Batts, Jim McGee, Ken Miller, Randy Rowley, Daryl Shipper, and Wayne Weilnau for donating game of various sorts
  • Jeff Cates, Bill Crouch, Billy Crouch, Ron Denison, Ken Miller, Mark Moore, Randy Rowley, Daryl Shipper, and Ella Shipper for helping out at the event

Thank you all very much!

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