2016 Banquet Report


8/11/16 FCS Family Banquet

Sixteen participants had a great time at the Inaugural FCS Family Banquet on 8/11/16 at Texas Land & Cattle.  The food and the venue were great!  We had a private room and were able to order from the menu and pay separately.  Doug DuBois executive director of the Texas State Rifle Association and past president of the Austin Woods and Waters Club described how his relationship with Christ merges with his hunting passion.  The following awards were given for 2015:

Largest Freshwater Fish – Jim McGee – 21” Hybrid Bass on the 6/15/15 Chartered Striped and Hybrid Bass Fishing Trip

Largest Saltwater Fish – Binh Chu – 36+” Black Drum on the 6/26/15 – 6/28/15 Self-chartered Bay Fishing Trip

Largest Hog Taken – Joey Burgi – 250 lbs. on the 4/12/15 – 4/14/15 Semi-guided Hog Hunt near Gonzales

Most Distance Traveled – Rich Beitel and Ron Burgi – 227 miles from Del Rio to Gonzales for the 4/12/15 – 4/14/15 Semi-guided Hog Hunt

Most shells shot at the 4/3/15 – 4/4/15 24-hour Sporting Clays Shoot – Steve Baker and Jim McGee – 35 boxes each

Most Improved Average in Sporting Clays from 2014 to 2015 – Scott Timpany – 2.55 birds (from 40.25/50 to 42.80/50)

Highest Sporting Clays Average – Steve Baker – 43.44/50

Most Sporting Clays Shoots Wins – Steve Baker – seven out of nine shoots

Most Guests Invited – Michael Armstrong – six people

Most Events Attended by a Member – Burl Fulenwider – 22/75 events (5 clay target shoots, 3 self-guided duck hunts, 4 meetings, 3 dove hunts, 2 self-chartered bass fishing trips, 1 hog hunt, 1 guided duck hunt, 1 guided upland bird hunt, 1 chartered striped/hybrid bass fishing trip, and 1 wild game dinner)

Most Events Attended by an Officer – Randy Rowley – 47/75 events (14 self-chartered bass fishing trips, 10 self-guided duck hunts, 6 meetings, 5 sporting clays shoots, 3 officers meetings, 2 dove hunts, 1 dove retreat, 1 self-chartered bay fishing trip, 1 hog hunt, 1 guided duck hunt, 1 guided upland bird hunt, 1 chartered striped/hybrid bass fishing trip, and 1 dinner)

Sportsman of the Year – Randy Rowley (Bruce Crockett, Steve Baker, Larry Dowden, Jim McGee, and Mike Walsh also received nominations)

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