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Gifts to the Martin Family

Before the 6/18/16 Sporting Clays Shoot, we learned that Sam Martin had a son that week, on late Wednesday or early Thursday morning.  The baby’s name is Samuel.  He weighed nearly 9 pounds.  Mother and child are doing fine.
Scott Timpany said a few words about Sam and then give him our gifts.  Here’s how it went – more or less.  Scott didn’t write anything down, but this is pretty close.
“My name is Scott Timpany.  I came to Texas about five years ago.  One Saturday, I was standing inside and Bruce Crockett came up and asked me if I was with FCS.  Before I could answer, Ron Palmer had scooped me up and introduced me to a few people.  I am very grateful to have met Bruce and Ron and a number of other good people in the last five years.  I am grateful to have met many fine people and to be able to shoot with you on a regular basis for the last five years.
About a year ago, I met a very interesting guy.  His name is Sam Martin.  I met Sam and I knew I liked him right away.  He’s a good man.
Sam and I talked about stuff.  He explained that he had some challenges in his life, but considered himself very lucky.  Sam has an interesting handshake and a permanent limp, but he is a good guy.  His attitude impresses me most.  Many people have challenges in their lives, but fewer are able to overcome them with a smile.  
Sam says he has a good life and he is happy.  So… I was very happy for him when he mentioned that he was having his first baby.  In fact, Sam had a son this week.  Congratulations!
Today is Saturday, and tomorrow is Father’s Day.  It’s a wonderful thing to have a kid and to have him arrive for Father’s Day.  I am a father too.  My kid is 17 now.  I like being a father and I’d like to offer you three pieces of advice.  Ok?
First, be there.  Guys should be present for the birth of their child.  They ought to cut the cord.  It’s a crazy thing and it’ll blow your mind, but you should be there.  You did that, and I congratulate you for that.  You were there for the birth and I hope you’re “there” for your kid always.
Second, or number two, is “Number Two” – and “Number One”.  Change diapers.  Don’t wait for mother or grandmother to come home.  Don’t dial 911.  Change the diapers.  Keep your baby clean and dry and healthy.  It’s very important.  Some guys won’t change diapers.
In the Bible, there are passages about the “unclean” or the “untouchables”.  Nobody wanted to go near them or touch them.  They were shunned.  
Your kid should never feel unclean or untouchable or shunned.  He’s just messy.  It happens.  Keep your kid clean and he will know you love him when you do this.  Your baby will know he is worth your time and attention.  Kids need to know this.
This is also great one-on-one time.  Talk to him.  Teach him the names of body parts.  Tell him a story.  It’s a great time to bond because you’ll have his full attention.
And to encourage you do this, we have collected over 800 diapers.  In the back of my car, there is a pile of diapers.  They’re all yours.  
We also collected $520 dollars in cash and put on a Target gift card.  (It’s an FCS event, we shoot, we break targets.  Seemed like a good retailer for the situation.)  If you need t- shirts, go get them.  If you need “onesies” or socks or caps or blankets, go get them.  If you need a stroller or a car seat, go get it with our best wishes.
Third, support and encourage your child.  Help him to learn.  Tell him to try new things, to work hard, to meet people and to make friends.
One of my favorite stories in the Bible is the one where a baby was held up and someone says, “This is my son, with whom I am well pleased.”  I can’t remember the chapter or verse, but you might have heard this story.
What a wonderful thing!  What a beautiful thing for a father to say “I like you”, to have his approval, and to have his blessing to go out in the world.  It is a very great and powerful thing.”

5/5/16 Wild Game Dinner/Ministry Event

12 participants had a great time at the 5/5/16 Wild Game Dinner/Ministry Event for the residents of St. George’s Court Apartments (for people who are elderly and disabled).  We fed around 40 residents venison, duck, dove, hog, kingfish, drum, quail, and pheasant.  The weather was perfect and a great time was had by all!

The St. George’s Court residents enjoyed the meal immensely and several of them took home a lot of left-overs.  They were very appreciative.

Many volunteers made this event possible, from donations to food prep, serving and cleaning.  Big thank you’s to:

  • Charles Batts, Eric Bonugli, Burl Fulenwider, Tim Price, Randy Rowley, and Daryl Shipper for donating game of various sorts;
  • Michael Armstrong for donating finances; and
  • Jeff Cates, Binh Chu, Harley Chu, Katie Chu, Alex Denison, Ron Denison, Burl Fulenwider, Ken Miller, Mark Moore, Jeff Reece, Randy Rowley, and Daryl Shipper for helping out at the event.

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