2017 Banquet Report


Eighteen participants had a great time at the Annual FCS Family Banquet on 7/12/17 at Texas Land & Cattle.  The food and the venue were great!  We had a private room and were able to order from the menu and pay separately.  Stu Smithson singles and young marrieds minister at Great Hills Baptist Church described his “Uh-Oh” moment.  The following awards were given for 2016:

Largest Freshwater Fish – Jim McGee – 34” Striped Bass on the 5/12/16 Chartered Striped and Hybrid Bass Fishing Trip on Lake Buchanan

Largest Saltwater Fish – Chris Rowley – 21” Redfish on the 6/10/16 – 6/12/16 Self-chartered Bay Fishing Trip on Matagorda Bay

Largest Hog Taken – Burl Fulenwider – 175 lbs. on the 1/15/16 – 1/17/16 Semi-guided Management Deer and Hog Hunt near San Saba

Most Improved Average in Sporting Clays from 2015 to 2016 – Burl Fulenwider – 1.54 birds (from 25.60/50 to 27.14/50)

Highest Sporting Clays Average in 2016 – Steve Baker – 41.4/50

Most Sporting Clays Wins in 2016 – Steve Baker – five (out of 10 shoots)

Most Guests Invited in 2016 – Jim McGee – five people

Most FCS Events Attended in 2016 by a Member – Jim McGee –15/62 events

Most  FCS Events Attended in 2016 by an Officer – Randy Rowley – 34/62 events (nine bass fishing trips, seven duck hunts, six meetings, four sporting clays shoots, two hog hunts, two officers meetings, an upland bird hunt, a bay fishing trip, a wild game dinner/ministry event, and a banquet)

2016 Sportsman of the Year Bruce Crockett (Burl Fulenwider, Ian Daniels, and Michael Armstrong also received nominations)

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