2023 Banquet Report


4/12/23 FCS Family Celebration Banquet

22 participants had a great time at La Margarita Restaurante.  The food and the venue were great, as usual!  Captain Kevin McConnell of McConnell Outdoor Adventures, LLC, a licensed US Coast Guard Captain and all-water fishing guide made a fascinating presentation about a recent fishing trip where his friends and him almost caught a 900 lb. black marlin, and how to become a licensed Coast Guard captain and fishing guide, techniques for fishing for striped and white bass and saltwater game fish, equipment to use, how his boat was built for optimal fishing – from navigating waters as skinny as 5 inches to miles off shore, and how to use Google Maps to map fishing spots (he has 2,000 spots on Lake Buchanan alone).


The following awards were given:

The Longest Fish Caught on a 2022 FCS Freshwater Fishing Trip – Burl Fulenwider – an approximately 18-inch long largemouth bass

L to R: Randy Rowley, Burl, and Jonathan Fleming

The following people also landed fish that were measured:

  • Kevin McConnell – a 16-inch largemouth bass and a 1.8 lb., 15-inch long crappie, which was longer than the Lake LBJ record by an inch and only .26 lb. from tying the record!
  • Ted Lieb – an approximately 15-inch long largemouth bass

The Longest Fish Caught on a 2022 FCS Saltwater Fishing Trip – Blake Lieb – a 44-inch black drum, Kevin McConnell – a 44-inch bull redfish, and Wayne Weilnau – a 44-inch jack crevalle

The following people also landed fish that were measured:

  • Burl Fulenwider – 43, 42, and 37-inch bull redfish
  • Blake Lieb – 42 and 41-inch bull redfish and a 31-inch black drum
  • Wayne Weilnau – a ~40-inch black drum and a 19-inch speckled trout
  • Roy Zengerle – a ~40-inch stingray
  • Jim McGee – a 37-inch bull redfish and a 37-inch black drum
  • Randy Rowley – a 35 ¾-inch black drum
  • Roy Zengerle – a 35-inch bull redfish
  • Daryl Shipper – a 27 ½-inch redfish
  • Mike Curran – 25, 22, and 21-inch redfish, three redfish ranging from 20 – 24 inches, a 22-inch black drum, and 22 and 17-inch speckled trout
  • Kevin McConnell – a 23-inch redfish and five speckled trout ranging from 17 – 19 inches

2022 FCS Shooter of the Year – Bruce Crockett

Randy, Bruce, and Jonathan

Bruce won seven out of the eight FCS shoots that he shot in (88%).

The following people also won shoots:

  • Mark Green – one
  • Mike Walsh – one

Bruce averaged 44.5/50 for eight shoots.

The following people had averages over 35/50, with a minimum of three shoots:

  • Mike Walsh – 41.5/50 for six shoots
  • Mark Green – 40.33 for three shoots
  • Tim Price – 36.33 for three shoots
  • Bret Mercer – 36.33 for three shoots

The high score was 48/50, shot by Bruce Crockett

The following people shot 45/50 or better:

Bruce Crockett – 47/50 (twice)

  • Mark Green – 47/50
  • Mike Walsh – 47/50
  • Paul Ellis – 46/50
  • Russ Gibbs – 46/50
  • Bruce Crockett – 45/50

Most People Invited to FCS Events in 2022 – Burl Fulenwider invited seven people

The following people also invited at least two people:

  • Randy Rowley invited five
  • Jim McGee invited three
  • Daryl Shipper invited two

Most FCS Events Attended in 2022 by a Member – Burl Fulenwider – 23 events

Randy, Burl, and Jonathan

The following members also attended at least five events:

  • Jim McGee attended 15 events
  • Dusty Hunt attended five events

Most FCS Events Attended in 2022 by an Officer – Randy Rowley – 25 events

Randy and Jonathan

The following officers also attended at least five events:

  • Wayne Weilnau attended 10 events
  • Binh Chu attended five events
  • Daryl Shipper attended five events

2022 FCS Volunteer of the Year – Wayne Weilnau

Randy, Wayne, and Jonathan

The following person also received a vote:

  • Binh Chu
  • Jonathan Fleming
  • Daryl Shipper

2022 FCS Sportsman of the Year – Daryl Shipper

The following people also received votes:

  • Bruce Crockett
  • Jonathan Fleming
  • Burl Fulenwider
  • Dusty Hunt
  • Kevin McConnell
  • Jim McGee
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