2023 – FCS Meeting Reports


12/7/23 FCS Meeting and Wild Game Dinner

Five participants had a good time at Burl Fulenwider’s home.  The meeting featured chicken-fried venison, bacon-wrapped dove with jalapeno and cream cheese, jalapeno cheese venison sausage links, pork ribs, green chili creamed corn, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn-on-the-cob, coleslaw, croissants, candies, nuts, and brownies.  Randy Rowley led a discussion on upcoming events (see our Calendar for details).  The group watched YouTube videos on deer and duck hunting and an episode of Duck Dynasty.  Thanks to Burl for contributing the pork ribs, corn-on-the-cob, croissants, candies, and nuts, Russ Gibbs for contributing the dove, Randy for contributing the jalapeno cheese venison sausage links and mashed potatoes, and Bob Steckler for contributing the chicken-fried venison, gravy, and green chili creamed corn.

10/19/23 FCS Meeting and Chili Dinner

Nine participants had a good time at Bruce Crockett’s home.  The meeting featured hot and mild chili, chips, salsa, guacamole, carrots, veggie dip, and brownies.  Randy Rowley led a discussion on upcoming events (see our Calendar for details) and his devotional Chasing Splashes.  The group watched Duckmen X (the Robertson’s and friends duck hunting).  Thanks to Bruce and Randy for making chili.  Best of all, no one died from eating Randy’s ‘Check Out Time’ Chili!

8/24/23 FCS Meeting and Steak Dinner

Seventeen participants had a good time at Flint DeShazo’s home.  The meeting featured ribeye steaks, corn-on-the-cob, cream potatoes, Texas cheese toast, cheese and crackers appetizers (courtesy of the DeShazo’s), cheesecake and lemon cake (courtesy of the DeShazo’s), sweet and unsweet tea, and soft drinks.  Randy Rowley led a discussion on upcoming events (see our Calendar for details) and his devotional Chipped and Peeled.  The group watched a DVD on hunting deer – Pursuit XII (Oklahoma hunt) .

6/26/23 FCS Meeting and Shrimp Boil

Ten participants had a good time at the 6/26/23 FCS Meeting at Wayne Weilnau’s home.  The meeting featured shrimp boil (jumbo shrimp, beef sausage, mini corn-on-the-cobs, and red potatoes), sourdough bread, sausage, cheese, and chocolate cake.  Randy Rowley led a discussion on upcoming events (see our Calendar for details), an update on the Bartlett lease, and a devotional called A Boat Full.  The group watched a hunting TV show on hunting pronghorn antelope.

6/22/23 FCS Officers Meeting

Four officers attended the Zoom meeting and discussed how to post FCS events into Meetup.  They also brainstormed future Meetup Events, including:

  • Dinner at Catfish Parlour, Dos Salsas, Hat Creek Burger Company, Mandola’s Italian Kitchen, etc.
  • Entertainment (can also include a meal) at Austin FC (soccer), Austin’s (formerly Austin Park & Pizza), Dave & Busters, Round Rock Express (baseball), Texas Stars (hockey), The Dirdie Birdie (miniature golf), The Main Event, Top Golf, Top Notch (axe throwing), etc.
  • Fishing at Moby Dicks (Outcast Landing).
  • Movie Night at Alamo Drafthouse, Cinemark Cedar Park, Flix Brewhouse, Moviehouse and Eatery, etc.

5/15/23 FCS Meeting and Fish Dinner

Ten participants, including two first time guests, had a good time at the 5/15/23 FCS Meeting at Randy and Chris Rowley’s home.  The meeting featured beef and chicken fajitas, bell peppers and onions, rice, beans, tortillas, chips, queso, salsa, and blueberry cheesecake.  Randy led a discussion on upcoming events (see our Calendar for details) and a devotional called Whomever God Chooses.  They talked about Biblical matters for about 10 minutes afterwards.

3/8/23 FCS Officers Meeting

Seven officers attended the 3/8/23 Officers Meeting at Dos Salsas restaurant in Cedar Park.  The following items were discussed:

1.  2022 Events Comparison (the last three years; for a report on 2022 only see the 1/1/23 State of the Club Report).  Randy Rowley presented the following:

Year Total Attendees Number of Events Average Attendees per Event
2022 28 1 28.00
2021 23 1 23.00
2019 25 1 25.00
Our 8/16/22 Family Celebration Banquet tied our second highest attendance.
Deer and Duck
2022 2 1 2.00
The 12/27/22 Guided Deer and Self-guided was the first event of its kind).
Hog Hunts
2022 3 1 3.00
2021 6 2 3.00
2020 30 13 2.31
Our attendance is down because we no longer have a free place to go for self-guided hunts and the place that we’ve been going to for semi-guided hunts is around 285 miles from Austin.  We’ll choose a landowner/outfitter/ guide that is closer this year.
24-hour Sporting Clays Shoots
20222019 64 11 6.004.00
2018 7 1 7.00
FCS Sporting Clays Shoots
2022 46 7 6.57
2021 44 7 6.29
2020 62 8 8.43
NSCA Sporting Clays Tournaments
2022 32 8 4.00
2021 11 4 2.75
2020 8 4 2.00
Our Sporting Clays Tournaments attendance average set a new record.
Dove Hunts
2022 17 6 2.83
2021 22 2 11.00
2020 5 1 5.00
If we had not secured the Bartlett season dove lease again the 42 people on the lease probably would have gone on at least one of our day dove hunts, which would have increased our total attendance substantially.
Bay Fishing Trips (Chartered and Self-chartered)
2022 12 3 4.00
2021 28 3 9.33
2020 4 1 4.00
Freshwater Fishing Trips (Chartered and Self-chartered)
2022 32 7 4.57
2021 47 13 3.62
2020 55 18 3.06
Our attendance was down because I only led one self-chartered freshwater fishing trip.  I was unable to lead the around 14 self-chartered freshwater fishing trips that I usually lead because I spent most of the year getting my house ready to sell, selling it, packing, buying a new-to-us house, and unpacking.
FCS Meetings
2022 49 6 8.17
2021 61 6 10.17
2020 17 2 8.50
This was our worst average attendance since 2017’s 6.50 and was less than half of our 2010 attendance of 102.
FCS Officer Meetings
2022 7 1 7.00
2021 8 1 8.00
2020 7 1 7.00
Ministry Events
2022 11 2 5.50
2021 7 1 7.00
2019 10 1 10.00
This was the first time that we’ve had two ministry events since 2013.
Guided Upland Birds (Pheasant, Chukars, and Quail) Hunts
2022 9 1 9.00
2021 7 1 7.00
2020 9 1 9.00
Guided Duck Hunts
2022 13 2 6.50
2021 4 1 4.00
2019 4 1 4.00
Self-guided/chartered Blasts and Casts (Duck Hunts and Fishing Trips)
2022 13 2 6.50
2021 12 2 6.00
2020 16 2 8.00
Self-guided Inland Duck Hunts
2022 19 5 3.80
2021 18 6 3.00
2020 14 4 3.50
Yearly Attendance and Events
2022 285 54 5.28
2021 300 52 5.77
2020 262 60 4.37
In summary, the only events that I’m concerned about are our meetings.  We’ve tried several things to spur more attendance, including calling them social activities, introducing training presentations, including recent hunts, fishing trips, and sports shooting recounts, and adding different members’ houses to host meetings.  Over the years we’ve done several polls regarding memberships.  The majority of respondents wanted to continue to have bi-monthly meetings at members’ houses, continue to cook meals (instead of ordering pizza), keep meetings at the length they have always been, and have them on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Thursdays.Wayne Weilnau noted that most of our meeting time is spent on cooking, eating, presidents reports, and devotionals, and little time is spent on fellowshipping.  The officers agreed to try having social/fellowship gatherings at restaurants where only imminent events would be discussed (no president’s reports or devotionals) in addition to continue with our meetings schedule.The officers also discussed ways to attract more younger people to FCS events, as they’re no longer going to web pages, Facebook, Instagram, etc.  Binh Chu recommended the app Meetup.  People use Meetup to meet new people, learn new things, find support, get out of their comfort zones, and pursue their passions, together.  You can start and join groups and search for events.  Meetings often have little planning and can be as simple as, ‘Dinner at Banger’s Sausage House in Round Rock on Thursday at 7:00 PM’ or ‘White bass fishing at The Steps on Granger on Saturday at 7:00 AM.’  Randy Rowley will explore creating an FCS Meetup group, but reminds everyone that he’s never done this before and there will be a learning curve.

2.  How should we handle events for our older and less mobile members?  Our last guided duck hunt was a challenge, and it was worse on Wayne’s guided trip with the same guide.  The officers agreed that, for events that will be more strenuous, event coordinators and the president should stress in our announcements what people can expect.  Event coordinators should also communicate to people who haven’t participated either by email, phone, or in person to ensure they know what they’re getting in to.  Also, for sportsmen who have physical challenges or are older, event coordinators should assign a volunteer to shepherd him or her within reason on our more strenuous events.  For example, for an upland bird hunt where everyone is paying at least $275, we might not secure any volunteers to hunt with someone who can’t keep up with the rest of the group, as the dogs can’t hold on point for long periods of time and the volunteer might miss out on shooting opportunities if he’s shepherding someone who can’t keep up.

3.  Annual Family Celebration Banquet – guest speaker selection, venue logistics, etc.  The officers agreed to invite Kevin McConnell to be our speaker and to shoot for a date that will work for him in April 2023.  The officers also discussed giving memberships or FCS tumblers as prizes.  Memberships will work for everyone except those who are lifetime members.  FCS tumblers will be a challenge as the company that we order from requires a minimum order of 15 tumblers.

4. The Planso Form program won’t send out emails.  If someone submits a Application/Liability Form request, the notification is not being emailed out to the membership director, president, and webmaster. The had been a problem since we were attacked by bots a while back.  We will probably have to switch to another forms program, but that will take some time to build, test, and implement.  Bruce will try replacing it with a free program, but if that doesn’t work we can buy one for $50.

2/16/23 FCS Meeting and Fish Dinner

Ten participants, including four first time meeting attendees, had a good time at the 2/16/23 FCS Meeting at Randy and Chris Rowley’s home.  The meeting featured catfish, white and black bass (courtesy of Kurt DeRuiter), onion rings, french fries, hush puppies, potato salad, coleslaw, chips, queso, jalapenos, salsa, and brownies.  Randy led a devotional called Rodeo at the Jetty.  They also watched the first episode of Primetime Bucks XII.

President’s Report

Membership – since our last meeting on 12/13/22 we had one man join the club and one first-time guest.  We presently have 365 members, including 104 supporting members (who are current with their dues).

Events – since our last meeting on 12/13/22, we had nine events with an attendance of 44 people, which is an average of 4.89 people per event.  We have 13 events planned from 2/17/23 until our next meeting on 4/10/23.  See our Calendar for details.

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