2024 – Fishing Trips Reports


6/19/24 Self-chartered Freshwater Fishing Trip

Three fishermen enjoyed a windy and cloudy morning on Lake Buchanan, that constantly threatened rain, but never did.  Unfortunately, fishing was slow.  Russ Gibbs led the way with two channel catfish, Jim McGee caught one, and Randy Rowley caught a white bass.  They had tons of fish under them, but they didn’t know their secret password.  All fish were caught on minnows.  They tried jigging, without success, and saw no topwater activity.  They also tried to catch shad in a cast net, with no success.

They ate lunch at Mama’s Kitchen in Burnet.  It was good, as usual, but Randy reported that Mama’s chicken fried steak wasn’t as good as Crazy Gal Cafe’s chicken fried steak was on Sunday (it wasn’t as big and the batter didn’t stay on as well).

They learned the hard way that Whataburger and McDonalds’ in Burnet and Ingram Bait and Tackle and the Longhorn Bait Shop don’t open until 6:00 AM on weekdays.

6/16/24 Chartered Hybrid/Striped/White Bass Fishing Trip

Six fishermen had a great time at the 6/16/24 Chartered Hybrid/Striped/White Bass Fishing Trip with Seth Hobbs of La Belle Guide Service on Lake Buchanan.  They limited out on hybrids/a striper, plus Hunter Rowley caught a gasper goo (freshwater drum) and a catfish, in under two hours!  They fished with live shad (no lures were used) and saw no topwater activity.  Either Hunter, Ryan Rowley, or Chris Rowley caught the most fish.

Seth is a great guide!  This was the first limit on an FCS chartered hybrid/striped/white bass fishing trip since 5/12/16!

Afterwards, they ate breakfast at the Crazy Gal Cafe in Burnet.  Randy Rowley highly recommends meal #5 – a full chicken fried steak, two eggs, hash browns, a biscuit, and gravy – it’s slap your momma good and the portions are huge!

6/1/24 Self-chartered Freshwater Fishing Trip

Two fishermen had a mostly slow, but fun morning on Lake Decker.  They each boated two largemouth bass, all on Whopper Ploppers.  Randy Rowley’s were 18 1/2″ and 17 3/4″ long (it was heavier than the longer one).  They didn’t measure Jim McGee’s, but they were under 14” long.

Randy had two more get off, and Jim had one more get off, due to the bass shaking their heads vigorously.  Five missed Randy’s Prop Frog, and two missed his Whopper Plopper.  Four missed Jim’s Whopper Plopper.

The first bass that Randy hooked was at the southwest corner of what is usually a lily pad field.  It threw his Prop Frog.  They fished the rest of that cove, then fished the bigger cove beyond it, then came back the same way.  Randy boated his first bass in the same corner where he hooked the first one that he lost – it was the same size as the one that threw his Prop Frog there and might have been the same bass.

They had a lot of fish under them at several places but couldn’t get them to bite their slabs or MAL lures.  Kevin McConnell later identified them with his Garmin Live Scope as mostly shad.

5/27/24 Self-chartered Freshwater Fishing Trip

Three fishermen had a slow and foggy morning on Lake Buchanan, with very little wind.

There was sporadic schooling activity early.  A fish swirled by the stern of the Rowley’s boat and Randy Rowley spun around and threw his clear Super Spook at it and was rewarded with a white bass.  Later Chris Rowley got a nice channel catfish on a minnow.

While they were drowning minnows, they sparodically chased and chunked at schoolies.  It was frustrating as the white bass rarely were up for more than three seconds.  But Randy finally got them within casting distance of a tightly packed school and Jim McGee connected with a white bass throwing a Whopper Plopper.  Randy threw his Super Spook in the school three times, and Chris threw her clear Rattlin Chug Bug in the school at least twice, but they didn’t get bit, which is very unusual.

They ended the morning with Randy having a catfish on a minnow, but it got off at the boat.

5/7/24 Chartered White Bass Fishing Trip

Five fishermen had a great time with Guide Bob Maindelle on Lake Belton, catching an FCS record 331 fish (330 white bass and one largemouth bass – an average of 66.2 each)!  For comparison, on our 6/5/23 Guided White Bass Fishing Trip with Bob (our former best trip) 204 white bass were landed.

Most of the bass were caught using Bob’s nickel-plated lead body MAL (Maindelle’s All-purpose Lure) Dense lure, which sink very quickly when getting back to the bottom is critical, and give a more subtle, less “showy” appearance than the white or chartreuse bodied MAL Dense versions do.  They also tried Bob’s Hazy Eye Slabs and caught a few bass.  They fished in water as shallow as 28 feet and as deep as 52 feet, finding abundant, aggressive schools, some with hundreds of fish in them.

Bob also made extensive use of a splasher (fish attractor) and a Garmin Live Scope where they could see the MAL lures dropping to the bottom and then when they’d start to burn them back up, they’d see the bass rise from the bottom and smash the lures!  It was incredibly fun!

Here is Bob’s incredibly detailed report – https://holdingthelineguideservice.com/fishing-report/.

5/4/24 Self-chartered Freshwater Fishing Trip

Three fishermen mostly enjoyed the scenery on Lake Buchanan, but Randy Rowley had a good day.  He caught a 19″ hybrid bass, two 18 1/4″ catfish, and two catfish that they didn’t measure.  He let Burl Fulenwider reel in the last one, as he had a catfish on his other pole.  Randy had the blessed poles – no other fish were caught.  Burl had a fish hit a minnow, but the knot at the swivel failed.  They saw a lot of schooling activity at the dam by the spillway, but it was in the ‘Boats Keep Out’ zone and they were out of range.  They had a guide boat fish near them for over an hour but never saw them net a fish.

4/18/24 – 4/21/24 Self-chartered Bay Fishing Trip

Six fishermen with two boats went to Port O’Connor on the Texas coast for three days of fellowship and inshore fishing.  Despite tough fishing conditions, the group managed a number of large redfish and black drum that made for great photographs and a quick release.  Everybody caught at least one fish over 30 inches with the largest going 45 inches.  Unfortunately, eating fish were largely absent with only a single trout and bonnethead shark caught and retained.

In addition to fishing, they ate at two new Port O’Connor restaurants, namely POC Oasis and Los Delfines. They gave both of them a thumbs up.  Additionally, during the course of the weekend, they towed two disabled boats back to the dock.  The trip ended on a low note because they couldn’t fish on Sunday morning due to 30 mph winds.

Fish of note included:

Wayne Weilnau – 45 inch long bull redfish, 40 inch long bull redfish, and 39 inch long bull redfish

Bobby Beal – 43 inch long bull redfish, 39 inch long bull redfish, 38 inch long black drum, and 26 inch long bonnethead shark

Blake Lieb – 40 inch long bull redfish

Daryl Shipper – 41 inch long bull redfish and 40 inch long bull redfish

Russ Gibbs – 38 inch long black drum

Binh Chu – 37 inch long bull redfish and 35 inch long black drum

4/6/24 Self-chartered Freshwater Fishing Trip

Four fishermen caught seven catfish and one gasper goo (freshwater drum) on Lake Buchanan.  Hunter Rowley, Ryan Rowley, and Burl Fulenwider caught two catfish each, Randy Rowley caught one, and Hunter caught the goo.

All fish were caught on minnows – there was no interest in slabs of MAL lures jigged vertically and no topwater activity.  There was a strong south wind, which often means good fishing – ‘Winds from the South Blow the Hook Into the Fish’s Mouth,’ but not this day.

3/29/24 Self-chartered Freshwater Fishing Trip

Three participants had a very slow morning on Lake Fayette, with no bass caught and no hits.  There was some topwater activity, but it was either mostly or all gar.

3/23/24 Self-chartered Freshwater Fishing Trip

Three participants had a slow morning on Lake Travis, but Randy Rowley caught a 17″ flathead (yellow) catfish on a Booyah lipless crankbait (the first time he’s caught a yellow cat on a lure) and Ryan Rowley caught an undersized largemouth bass (around 12″) on a Norman DD22 crankbait.

There was only a little topwater activity.  There was a full moon the night before the trip, so the bass were probably feeding all night.

2/19/24 Self-chartered Freshwater Fishing Trip

Three participants had a slow morning on Lake Decker, but Russ Gibbs caught an undersized (around 14″) hybrid bass on a slab, Harley Chu hooked a hybrid bass on a minnow but it got off as he was flipping it in the boat, and Randy Rowley caught an undersized largemouth bass (around 12″) on a minnow.

Randy’s crew joined Kevin McConnell, who had found schooling hybrids and mainly watched his clients boat several, but that’s where Russ caught his fish and Harley almost caught his.

A significant cold front hit a couple days before this trip that mostly gave the fish lockjaw – the largemouths had no interest in lures.

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