2024 Hunting Trips Reports


5/16/24 – 5/19/24 Guided Prairie Dog Shoot (Report by Bob Steckler)

Three men (two members and one first-time guest) participated in the Guided Prairie Dog Shoot, shooting on 5/17-18/24, outside of Dalhart.

Jonathan Freeman from North America Hunt, LLC was our guide and I highly recommend him.  The cost was $300 per man, plus we each gave him a tip of $100, which was well earned.

The weather was perfect, and the shooting was incredible.  Over 1,500 rounds were shot from ranges of 100 yards to over 700 yards.  Hundreds of hits were made.

Rifle calibers used were .17 HMR, .204 Ruger, .223, and 22/250. The .17 HMR was effective out to distances of up to 200 yards.  The other calibers did their work beyond that.  In some cases, well beyond that.

The terrain was wide open, flat dirt with patches of scrub.  You could see your shots hit in the dirt and then make adjustments, hopefully before the dog moved.  We used binoculars to spot them (spotting scopes were not needed) and then put the crosshairs on them.

The guide did a great job of spotting targets for us and calling shots.  We never had a period of more than a couple of minutes where one of us wasn’t shooting and in most cases, all three of us had multiple targets to engage.

We would set up our first shooting location when we arrived, shoot for several hours then move 300 yards and start again with a whole new set of targets.

It was an incredible two days of shooting from 8:30-4:00 each day.  Then back to the motel to shower and dinner.  We had lunches and snacks in the field, if we wanted to give your eyes and trigger finger a break.

Dalhart is about an 8 hour drive, so it required a travel day to get there and one to get home, but it went fast.

It was a great trip!

3/3/24 Guided Upland Bird Hunt

Six hunters had a great time with Schumann Brothers Outdoors at the old Dismukes/Bieberstein Ranch near Dime Box.  The total bag was 61 birds (an average of six birds/hunter).  Burl Fulenwider’s group bagged 21/24 quail and six/six chukars and Randy Rowley’s group bagged 21/24 quail and five/six chukars (the dogs never found the sixth one).  After lunch, the combined groups bagged seven/nine pheasants and one quail that the dogs missed on the morning hunt.

The dogs that Randy’s group hunted behind snatched at least three low-flying quail out of the air.  Both groups saw hogs and Randy’s group saw deer.  Dusty Hunt and Ryan Rowley brought their dogs (Bleu and Trip, respectively) and they did great!

1/27/24 Self-guided Inland Duck Hunt

Four FCS members mostly enjoyed the sunrise and scenery on Lake Granger, in the Willis Creek Wildlife Management Area.  They saw about 40 ducks, but only one came into range (probably a coot).  The guys on the bow side of the boat shot at it, but didn’t bag it.  The ducks appeared to be avoiding the decoys.  They heard a lot of shooting, but it was probably hunters skybusting at high-flying ducks.  Although they met a hunter at the boat ramp who claimed to have killed a wood duck and some other ducks up the San Gabriel River.

1/18/24 – 1/21/24 Self-guided/chartered Coastal Blast and Cast (Duck Hunt and Bay Fishing Trip)

Seven FCS members and one youth (eight total attendees) participated in our annual Blast and Cast at Port O’Connor.  The weather was cool to cold with winds breezy to strong.

Because of the weather conditions, only a minimal amount of effort was expended on fishing.  Best success was for Jim McGee with four undersized redfish caught on VuDu shrimp fishing in a creek.  He also had a couple fish break off.  The only other fish caught were stingrays by Randy Rowley (two) and Roy Zengerle (one).  Captain Marty reported that fishing had been tough for several days.

There appeared to be more ducks in the POC area than there has been in a number of years.  Duck hunting was much better if you were in the right place at the right time.  Three of our hunters hunted from an unoccupied blind on Friday afternoon.  They harvested seven ducks (six redheads (three limits) and a scaup).  On Saturday afternoon three of our hunters hunted in the marsh, as the blind that our Friday afternoon hunters hunted from was already taken by a group of rowdy hunters.  No shots were fired and not nearly as many ducks were seen as our sportsmen saw on Thursday and Friday afternoons.

In addition to hunting and fishing, three was good fellowship and food, eating at the local establishments of La Terraza, Bubba’s, The Shack, Josie’s, Sharkey’s, and Mama’s Kitchen.

Thanks to Wayne Weilnau for hosting and to Wayne and Randy for providing their boats.

1/20/24 Self-guided Coastal Duck Hunt

On Saturday morning three hunters met at the Guadalupe Delta Wildlife Management Area near Seadrift.  Access to their spot on a around 20-acre pond was challenging but worth the effort as they harvested 17 ducks (almost a three-man limit), including six green wing teal, four gadwalls, three pintails, two blue wing teal, a wigeon, and a spoonbill.  They saw hundreds of ducks.

1/19/24 Guided Coastal Duck Hunt

Three hunters hunted with Edward Mahan near Bayside on Friday morning.  They were not very successful with only three gadwalls harvested.  The conditions looked good but the birds were not flying (perhaps it was too windy).  Very few shots from other hunters were heard.

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