3/30/13 – Mark & Justin Dillow’s Turkey Hunt


It was pretty cool. We got into the area we wanted to on our lease at first light. I called a couple times and we didn’t hear anything. We went up a hill, I called again, and this time we heard a gobble. We rushed back down the hill because there was a gate opening there…all the rest of the area had a fence between us and the turkeys.

We set up, I called once, and heard at least 2 gobblers respond. I called maybe once more and Justin motioned that he saw them coming. Once I saw them I called, and then we saw that there were 3 toms together. I called again, and they zeroed in on my location, so I stopped calling, hoping they would go through the gate which would put them in perfect position for Justin. Sure enough they did and when they got near the decoys I started cutting, which made them raise their heads and gobble and Justin took the shot at probably 10 yards.  The other 2 took off, but only a little ways. They acted like they might come back in so we stayed put. They hung around for about 15 minutes, about 70 yards out. Once they left, we picked up Justin’s bird and headed back to the ranch house. We caped the bird for a display. I think it will make an awesome trophy for this hunt.

This was Justin’s first ever turkey hunt. This was the first season we have hunted together in probably 18 or 20 years

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