Beware of Telling Non-gun Owners That You Own Military-style Guns! by Randy Rowley


The March 1992 issues of The American Rifleman and The American Hunter (NRA publications) describe how on December 16, 1991, over 60 local law enforcement officers and federal agents broke into gun owner John Lawmaster’s home.  The agents broke down the doors and cut the locks off of Lawmaster’s gun safe in a search for a machine gun.  A search warrant had been issued due to a call from an anonymous neighbor.  The warrant authorized agents to search for a Colt AR-15 machine gun, seize any tools used in the alteration or modification of firearms, such as files, and seize documents which identify occupants or owners of the property to be searched.

The agents cordoned off the street, took station with weapons drawn in the back yard; used a battering ram to break through the front door; broke into a small, locked box that contained precious coins; stood on a table to peer through the ceiling tiles, breaking the table in the process; and then left.  The doors were closed but not latched or locked.  Ammo and guns were left unsecured.  The door to Lawmaster’s shed was broke and left open also.

When Lawmaster returned to his thrashed out home, the gas, electric and water companies were there.  They said that they were told to shut things down.  After they left, he found a note.  It read: Nothing Found – ATF.

Lawmaster, a native and lifelong resident of Tulsa, has never got more than a traffic ticket.  Lawmaster told his neighbor that he has a military-style rifle.  The neighbor apparently called the ATF and others.

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