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03/12/24 – Bret Mercer fell out of a deer stand while hunting with his grandson in November 2023.  He had eight broken ribs, a broken scapula, and a fractured vertebrae.   All 10 broken bones have healed.  He’s no longer having to wear a left arm sling and spinal brace, and is driving his car again.

09/28/23 – Burl Fulenwider is in a hospital in Reno, NV, with a urinary tract infection on 9/21/23.  He has returned home.

6/29/22 – Randy Rowley’s prostate was more than three times bigger than the average man’s, which affected his ability to urinate.  He had successful aquablation surgery to reduce its size on 2/15/22.  His issues with urgency have mostly been resolved.

4/5/22 – Ronnie Ross was in a bad wreck in Minnesota on 1/15/22.  Ronnie long-haul drives an 18 wheeler for UPS all across the USA, but was not the driver when the wreck happened.  He fractured two vertebrae but will not require surgery – just rest and pain management.  UPS flew him home to Austin.  The other driver is OK.  On 2/8/22 Ronnie stated, “I’m doing great – little sore at the end of the day but all things considered I have nothing to complain about.”  On 4/5/22 Ronnie announced that he’s recovered and is going back to work.

2/16/22 – Jim and Vicki McGee have recovered from Covid.

2/16/22 – Roy Zengerle has recovered from Covid.

12/1/21 – Eddy Chance started having back issues a few months ago – his right leg was numb, his right knee didn’t work most of the time, and he was in pain.  An MRI revealed that his L4/L5 disc had ruptured.  He had back surgery (a Microdiscectomy) on 12/1/21.  The surgery went well.  They had him walking within hours and then sitting in a chair for several hours.  He can feel his right leg for the first time in months.  He’ll be going home on 12/2/21, good as new.

09/05/21 – Burl Fulenwider was hospitalized from 9/1/21 – 9/5/21 with a UTI.  His white blood count is back within normal range and he has been released from the hospital.

3/28/21 – Roy Zengerle fell at his ranch and hurt his knee.  He had knee surgery on 12/28/20.  He has healed.

7/28/20 – Raul Pena has recovered from acute bronchitis (respiratory infection).

1/31/20 – Roy Zengerle had his hand banged by a cattle gate and had surgery on 12/31/19.  He has fully healed.

12/3/18 – FCS member Eddy Chance fell on 10/17/18 while unloading the back of his truck (which has a 6″ lift).  When he stepped over the tailgate to climb out of the bed, he discovered that the gate wasn’t latched and fell onto the ground.  He landed on his left shoulder.  It knocked the wind out of him and he couldn’t get up.  Fortunately, he had his phone in his pocket and was able to call 911.  He received X-rays and an MRI, which revealed that he fractured five ribs and bruised a lung.  It was very painful and hard to breathe.  He has returned to work.

8/6/18 – Wayne Weilnau’s wife, Vicki, had successful ankle surgery on 8/6/18.  She has recovered.

8/1/18 – Justin Painter (Randy and Chris Rowley’s son-in-law) had successful heart valve replacement surgery on 7/31/18.  He has recovered.

12/17 – Ken Hamilton had rotator cuff surgery in 12/17.  He has recovered.

10/17/17 – Randy Rowley had a laminectomy to clean out stenosis and arthritis to his lower back on 7/31/17.  He has recovered.

3/2/17 – Randy Rowley’s right adrenal gland tumor was removed successfully on 2/17/17.  It was 12.5 cm (bigger than a softball) and was benign. He has recovered.

12/21/15 – Charles Cutchens was laid off in Florida after relocating their just a few months ago.  He has found another job.

12/21/15 – Jeff Cates’ shoulder rotator cuff surgery on 9/23/15 went well.  He has recovered.

12/21/15 – Bill Smith had a heart attack on 8/23/15.  He also had two stints placed on 9/10/15.  He has recovered.

10/18/14 – Roy Brigman had about 1/2″ of his pinkie chopped off in an accident on 7/16/14. His finger is now healed.

09/19/13 – Richard Corbin had right rotator cuff and torn bicep surgery on 9/19/13.  He has recovered.

09/19/19 – Ryan Rowley had his gall bladder removed on 9/17/13.  When they were pulling the tube out of him it tickled his larynx which made his vocal cords tighten up, which caused stop to breathing.  They quickly re-intubated him.  He went home on 9/18/13.  He has recovered.

09/19/13 – Chris Rowley had an ovary and her appendix removed on 9/18/13.  She has recovered.

09/10/13 – Al  Weiss had surgery on 9/6/13 to repair one of his heart valves.  The surgery went well and was not as invasive as it could’ve been.  They didn’t have to crack open his chest as they initially thought they might have to do.  However, he had trouble waking up from the anesthesia and subsequently developed pneumonia.  He has recovered.

09/16/13 – Eddy Chance was hospitalized on 1/31/13 for a rapid heart beat (atrial fibrillation).  He had to wear a LifeVest portable defibrillator for six weeks and take five different medications every day.  A recent doctor’s visit revealed no sign of the rapid heart beat!

08/26/13 – Eddy Chance’s sister, Collene, experienced chest pains and went to the hospital. Her blood glucose was high and she was placed on hypertension medication.

07/10/13 – Richard Garrett has recovered from his bicycle accident that resulted in two fractured neck vertabrae and a cut to his forehead.

07/06/13 – Brian Suter’s son, Zach, had surgery to replace the pulmonary valve in his heart on 6/19/13. The surgery went great. Zach was released from the hospital and he returned home on 7/2/13. He is doing great and should be able to start kindergarten on time in August.

05/22/13 – Randy Rowley has recovered from surgery to repair a torn meniscus cartilage in his right knee.

04/03/13 – Dick Matteson had a cataract removed from his left eye and a multi-focal length lens implanted on 4/2/13. There is, of course, some swelling, but vision in that eye is already better than it was.

02/24/13 – Josh Sanchez, who had been laid off and without a job for 13 months, has found a job.

01/01/13 – Scott Timpany has recovered from a broken leg.

11/19/12 – Ryan Rowley has returned from Afghanistan.

10/2/12 – Paul Ellis has recovered from a pinched nerve in his neck.

9/19/12 – Dick Geoffroy’s wife had a knee replaced and is recovering well. Also his 14 year old nephew while on a mission trip in Northern Arizona contracted a rare virus that attached his organs. They thought it might be the flu but it turned out to be much worse. He has been home from the hospital for two weeks now and is doing well. Everything made it except for his heart. After a good fight he had a heart transplant. He is now recovering.

8/16/12 – Jim Irwin had surgery to have his prostrate removed on 5/7/12. Jim’s doctor told him today that his PSA is “undetectable”. That’s as good as it can be! No further treatment is required! He’ll have a re-check in three months.

8/3/12 – James Wade had a bladder biopsy on 7/23/12. The report came back as non-cancerous.

7/19/12 – James Wade’s mother-in-law, Toni Smith, had a cat scan for cancer cells on 6/22/12. She got a thumbs -up on her scan.

6/27/12 – Price Byrd had brain surgery on 6/26/12 to relieve pressure from an optic nerve. He will be in recovery for two to four days.

6/27/12 – James Wade’s mother-in-law, Toni Smith, had a spot removed from her forehead on 6/26/12. It was clear.

9/1/11 – Thomas Palmer’s doctor informed him that his prostate surgery got all of the cancer.

3/21/11 – Regina Kidd had successful surgery to correct a problem with pressure on her spinal column, causing numbness, pain and some loss of feeling on her left side. They found the problem and removed the material pressing on the spinal column. Thank you all for your prayers , please continue for a quick and total recovery.

3/4/11 – Jeff Reece got a job with Dell Computer

6/3/10 – a kidney stone that I, Randy Rowley, developed on 5/31/10 passed.

11/7/09 – while changing the front rotors on my, Randy Rowley’s, truck on 7/7/09, it slipped off of the jack and partially pinned both of my legs. Fortunately the rotor mainly hit the pavement (if my leg had gotten between the rotor and the pavement it would have been crushed). The EMT was sure that I had broken my right lower leg; however, x-rays were negative and I was diagnosed with a sprain. I also had two deep cuts, one required eight staples and the other required four. Except for some swelling at the end of the day, I have fully recovered. PTL that I was not more seriously injured.

10/18/09 – Madeline Dyar, an 18-month old girl, didn’t have a life threatening condition after all. She had a stomach virus and is home now after 48 hours at the hospital on an IV.

10/4/09 – Al Weiss received electrical shock impulses to his heart on 9/15/09 due to his heart pumping erratically. His heart seems to be working normally again and is on his way to a full recovery.

9/17/09 – Joe Schram was admitted to Round Rock Hospital on 8/23/09 with flu-like symptoms and possible fluid in his lungs. He has recovered.

9/12/09 – while on a mission trip to Galveston on 7/8/09 to help with some of the rebuilding efforts as a result of hurricane Ike, a 2×4 broke, became airborne, and hit Mark Dillow’s head. The resulting cut took nine staples to close. He has fully recovered. PTL that he was not more seriously injured.

9/10/09 – Brittney Lundberg, who was under going chemotherapy, just had a baby girl that was born 10 weeks early; however, both mother and baby are doing well.

9/8/09 – Eddy Chance has recovered from a full thickness bicep tear that he suffered while doing arm curls with weights on 6/25/09. They drilled all the way through his arm bone and inserted a screw on 7/8/09. He has fully recovered.

5/31/09 – there were no serious findings after Richard Garrett was briefly hospitalized for a possible stroke on 5/30/09.

4/9/09 – Mark Dillow’s dad’s hernia surgery went well. He is home recovering.

4/1/09 – Ryan Rowley returned from Afghanistan.

12/18/08 – Hunter Chance has been having vertigo and headaches for several weeks. A doctor examined him and did a CT scan as a precaution. They found a small lesion on his brain. The doctor said that they didn’t think that it was anything serious but they needed to do an MRI to be sure. The MRI results were fine.

Jimmy Jones got a job as pitching coach for the San Diego Padres’ AAA team.

Jim McGee had a great mission trip to Sir Lanka and Dubai from 9/18/08 – 10/2/08. In Sir Lanka they trained 14 Campus Crusade for Christ full time staff in one-to-one discipleship. In Dubai they trained the 24 people in the Anglican church in one-to-one discipleship. The people picked it up very quickly. Everyone spoke English. Dubai is bringing people from all nations to Dubai to work. So to disciple all nations the people there do not have to go anywhere to find them; they are right there among them. Most of the people they discipled were Indians (from India). Jim reports that it was exciting to see the people understand the basic truths of the Word. Jim believes they will see much fruit from their labor in years to come. Jim thanks you for your prayers. He reports that they really sensed them in their lives.

John Spong who went to Afghanistan for Texas Monthly returned home safely.

Mike Coppedge is home from his over 100-day ordeal, as of 8/21/08. He dealt with a unrepairable broken right femur, electrolyte issues, a blood chemistry disorder, staph infections (one a superstaph and another a regular staph located during a surgical procedure inside his pelvic region on his left femur), anemia, five or six blood transfusions, a loss at one point of up to four and one half out of his six units of blood, and two acute kidney failures. He will continue his recovery and rehab at home.

Joe Lung had a successful knee replacement surgery on 8/19/08.

Patrick Reilly (a friend of Justin Reece) has fully recovered from a MRSA staph infection.

Ken Rector’s torn ACL and MCL in his knee are responded well to exercise. He has postponed surgery indefinitely.

Don Jordon was injured in a construction accident on 8/4/08. He returned home on 8/16/08 and is able to move his hands and arms more everyday. His head wound took over 100 stitches to sew up – most of them on the inside, but amazingly, his head has yet to hurt! There have been many times through this trial that the Jordon’s felt God’s presence. In the trauma room, Don was smiling and said, “I have nothing to worry about. God is taking care of me.”

I, Randy Rowley, had a stress test that revealed abnormal results. They thought that the artery at the back of my heart was 70% blocked and wanted to put in a stent. A coronary angiogram on 8/15/08 revealed that my heart is fine with only a 10% blockage. They said that the reason that I didn’t need the stent was the earlier test was a “false positive.” I say that the reason that I didn’t need the stent was the healing power of the Lord and the fact that many people were praying for me.

Lisa Schram (Joe Schram’s wife) had a biopsy. The results were benign on 6/17/08.

Ken Farmer accepted a new job on 6/6/08. He will be selling architectural software.

Eddy Chance had the privilege of leading his future father-in-law, Doug Kinsey, to the Lord on 1/26/08.

Charles Cutchens went into the hospital on 1/22/08 with several back pain, intestinal discomfort, and loss of appetite. He was diagnosed with a blood clots in his intestine. He was released on 1/25/08 and is being treated with a blood thinner.

Ken Hamilton’s friend Joe Rose came through surgery very well for an aneurism near his heart during the week of 1/14/08. He is now traveling again and staying busy.

The grandfather of Kevin Sales, is doing great after surgery. He is 94 years old. Kevin is one of Ken’s former business partners.

Ken Hamilton led Patty Prescher to the Lord on 12/13/07. She went to be with the Lord on 12/15/07.

Dan Grace’s father accepted the Lord before he went to be with Him on 12/1/07.

The wife of Eddy Chance’s friend, Roger Robinson (Shannon) had breast surgery and a mastectomy on 8/10/07. She has recovered well.

Wilma Williamson’s tests revealed that she does not have breast cancer.

Tiffany Parks cranial reconstruction surgery went well.

Eddy Chance’s dad (Rev. C.V. Chance) is home from the hospital. Eddy states, “I truly believe that without the prayers from this class and others my dad would not be here today. He has made an amazing recovery over the past few months. He now able to walk again without assistance and is sounding like his old self. Thank you for your continued prayers and support. May God bless each and every one of you.”

Mark Dillow’s dad had successful prostate surgery on 4/10/07.

Joe Schram’s next door neighbor was in the Round Rock Hospital due to a diabetic coma and pneumonia. The doctors gave him no hope. However, the Lord has intervened and he will be going to a rehabilitation hospital.

Tiffany Chance’s mother-in-law has recovered from food poisoning.

Nicholas Daigle (a 4 year old son of a friend of Ken Hamilton’s has a disorder that is amplified by excitement, however, it was not a seizure disorder as was feared.

Ken Hamilton’s daughter Kelly will begin taking hormone medication that should solve her depression.

Kelvin Cheung returned home from Iraq.

Christi Riva, medical problems were not life threatening and her Crones disease has not returned. Ken Hamilton thanks everyone for their prayers.

Ken Hamilton is out of the boot from his 10/16/06 surgery and his leg looks normal now and has more flexibility. He should be back to normal in a few weeks after exercising. Ken would like to thank everyone for their prayers.

Jeff Otto’s pathologist report came back all clear on both the lymph node and the tissue that was removed from his back. He had tissue removed for malignant melanoma.

Charles Cutchens has received a new job.

On 7/18/06, Dennis Koch started working for an outsource company from California who was contracted by Computer Sciences Corp to provide IT support for Freescale (formerly part of Motorola).

Pat Higgins is home and off of hospice care.

Stephen Martinez, whose right kidney was crystallized, has been healed.

Lyn Parks’ daughter, Tiffany, is recovering from rheumatic fever and chorea form movement (a form of seizure). She is on target to graduate with her class and has received a scholarship from St. Edward University here in Austin.

Joe Schram and family have moved into a new home.

One of Ryan Rowley’s high school friends, Thomas Fraga, was involved in a head on collision with an 18 wheeler on 2/12/06. He was in serious condition but will recover.

Christy Bell, whose embryonic sack leaked, had her baby girl “Peyton” on 1/30/06. She weighed a whopping 4 lbs. 6 oz., which is not bad for seven weeks early. She was so healthy that they didn’t even take her to ICU. They got to take her home on 2/20/06.

Ava Riva had successful surgery on 1/27/06 to remove a tumor on her back.

Jesse Price’s sister-in-law, Pam Hodson’s, kidney surgery went very well. They found the tumor outside of her kidney. It was encased in its own sack and had not spread so they didn’t have to remove her kidney! Praise the Lord! The surgery lasted only 2 hrs. instead of 4 or 5! This was also an answer to many prayers and is their Christmas present!

Gary McKenzie’s daughter, Heather, has been alcohol free since 12/2/04.

Ryan Rowley returned home from Iraq on 12/10/05.

Delia Geary had a successful Cardiac Ablation to treat and correct her rapid heartbeat on 12/7/05.

Delia Geary’s surgery for her broken arm on 11/1/05 went well.

Eddy Chance sold his Suburban.

Dennis Koch asked for prayer for another job on 9/22/05. On 9/28/05 he was hired by a Dell Service Provider.

Donna Dailey has recovered from a double mastectomy on 12/22/04 and reconstructive surgery in 6/05. Donna is the wife of FCS guest David Dailey.

Larry Dowden’s daughter, Lacy, has a Christian roommate.

Brad Ragsdale, the youngest son of a close friend of Kenneth Kidd’s and who is a marine who was injured on a mission when his Humvee ran over a bomb, has been released from Brook Army Medical Center and will be going home on convalescent leave to further recover from his burns. He is healing well.

Kenneth Kidd’s father-in-law is recovering from stomach cancer. He is doing much better. He is eating and beginning to gain some weight back. He has started chemo and has a good prognosis.

I, Randy Rowley, got a new job with the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services Central Office on 7/5/05. I am writing curriculum that trainers will use to train providers and surveyors in several regulatory programs. It’s not my dream job, but at least I got my foot in the door. Thank you for your encouragement and prayers.

Ken Hamilton requested prayer for Chris Boesl’s salvation. He accepted Christ during the week of 5/8/05. Ken witnessed to him for about a year and a good friend of Chris’ of 20 years sat down with him and told him the same message that Ken had been telling him. With this confirmation and his relationship with his friend, he acted on the Good News. Chris has already started witnessing to others including one of his employees. Praise God. Mitch Krivokucha has mostly recovered from his severely broken leg from a head on collision.

Kenneth Kidd got a new job with Farmers Insurance.

Delia Geary has been having problems off and on with her digestive system since 2001. She was hospitalized in July of 2003 with a stomach infection and gastritis for five days. She had a cat scan on 3/15/05 to determine the cause of these attacks. The CAT scan came back normal. It was determined that she has acid reflux, which can be controlled by diet and losing weight.

On 3/22/05, Delia Geary requested prayer for Sheri Jahnke who went to a hospital with a pulmonary embolism. She had two blood clots in her lungs. She returned home on 3/23/05.

Zachary Calderon (a child of a friend of Delia Geary’s) is doing great after his 1/4/05 pancreas transplant.

Gary Scrivner is doing fine after his emergency eye surgery to re-attach his retina to his eye.

Eddy Chance got a job (Account Manager) with Reflect Systems out of Dallas on 1/26/05. He is handling their account from Dell in Round Rock.

The son of her Delia Geary’s friend Hilda (Damian) has listened to the counsel of the Holy Spirit and has been set free. Thanks for all the prayers.

Dennis Koch started a new job on 1/3/05 with the University of Texas.

Ken Hamilton’s associate, James Pierce, has recovered from a successful Prostectomy (removal of his cancerous prostate).

Ken Hamilton’s friend, Brad Dawkins, has recovered from a full knee replacement.

Ken Hamilton’s friend, LuAnn Smith, an elderly lady who had a balcony that she was on fall out from under her and consequently her back was broken has recovered.

Shane Morgan had an accident on 7/5/03 and injured his knee. He had an ACL replacement on 8/18/03. For the most part he has recovered. The only problem is it gets sore when there is a drastic weather change.

Shane Morgan’s sisters daughter, Emily, age five, went into the hospital on 6/9/03 with severe stomach pain. On 6/11/03 they doctors took out her appendix but said that was not the problem. They discovered that she has an extremely inflamed small intestine. They put a large IV under her collar bone to pump protein and antibiotics to help fight the infection. She was diagnosed with pre-Crones disease. She is doing much better and is on a strict diet.

The son of Tom Geary’s friend, Damian Munoz, has accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior. He now leads praise and worship the first Sunday of every month at his parent’s church.

Tom Geary’s brother in Christ, Robert Rodriquez, who suffered a heart attack on 1/12/04, is doing much better. He is on a medication that is controlling the pain in his legs.

Garrett Coleman, Tim Price’s step-son, was deployed to Iraq around 2/19/04. He returned home on 10/9/04.

My, Randy Rowley’s, sister-in-law, Margie Brigman, had a Colonoscopy on 9/27/04 and had two polyps removed. They were benign.

Phyllis Whisenand, the 65 year old mother of a work colleague of Ken Hamilton’s, has returned home from the hospital.

David Butler left for Peru on 6/20/04 with the Navy. He has returned.

Ken Hamilton’s friend, Tom Slavin, who was diagnosed with terminal prostrate cancer had successful kidney surgery during the week of 5/30/04. He has been released from the hospital.

Gene Boesl, the 73 year old father of Ken Hamilton’s friend, Chris Boesl, had a medical procedure that appears to have relieved his back pain and has eliminated the need for an additional surgery that would have cost him $50,000.

My, Randy Rowley’s, wife, Chris, had a double mastectomy on 10/1/03 due to DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma) cells (cancer in its earliest stage). The pathology report from fatty tissue that was removed during a second reconstructive surgery on 3/5/04 showed more of the DCIS cells. A biopsy at M.D. Anderson in Houston on 5/11/04 showed even more of the DCIS cells in the fatty tissue. They did another mastectomy on 5/27/04 (the first mastectomy was a skin saving one). We learned on 6/2/04 that they found another spot of DCIS but the margins are clear. The doctor told us that she’s cured. She will not require chemotherapy or radiation.

Patricia Spriggs, the mother of Ken Hamilton’s friend, Peter Spriggs, is winning her battle with breast cancer.

Ryan Rowley’s friend, Bobby Wilson (who was in need of a job), had his prayer request met on the day after the prayer request was posted (4/21/04) thanks to the efforts of Larry Dowden.

Mr. Charlie Batts suffered a fractured ankle on 1/2/04. He has fully recovered.

Ken Hamilton’s friend, Cas Taylor, has recovered from his severe auto accident and from breaking his ankle during a fall.

My, Randy Rowley’s, daughter, Robin, had a lump detected during a breast examination on 9/12/03. A biopsy conducted on 9/23/03 was benign. The lump was removed on 1/16/04. We learned on 1/21/04 that the pathology results were also benign.

Kevin Font’s daughter, Leah, has recovered from surgery on 11/26/03 to remove a non-cancerous tumor in her right ear.

The father of Lyn Parks friend, Greg Lewis, made it through his open heart surgery on 11/21/03 and has recovered.

Ken Hamilton’s friend, Alberto Bustos, has returned home from the hospital after a heart bypass on 11/12/03. If he hadn’t had the cardiac arrest during his earlier surgery, they wouldn’t have caught the blocked artery and he may have had a massive heart attack down the road. Alberto has almost the full capacity of his heart recovered. He has also recovered from his prostate removal.

Steve Watkins began vomiting on the night of 10/23/03. He had to be rushed to the ER as he was having a hard time breathing, had been constantly throwing up, and had diarrhea. He returned home late on 10/23/03 and has recovered.

David Butler has returned from being deployed to Kuwait on 9/4/03. His deployment included one trip into Iraq.

Eddy Chance fractured his right ankle on 6/9/03. He has fully recovered.

Eddy Chance and his family narrowly avoided a head on collision on 5/10/03 on a trip to Louisiana.

Eddy Chance’s sister-in-law, Christian Bailey, is doing fine after having a melanoma mole removed from her leg just before Christmas 2002.

Eddy Chance’s bother, Joe Chance, had a heart attack on 4/4/02. He has recovered.

Charles Cutchens has a new job at Active Power.

Ron Denison’s sister-in-law’s, fiancé, Mark Stivers, has a new job in his field.

Tom Geary’s wife, Delia, went into the hospital for one thing, and in running tests, they found something that if it had been left unattended could have turned into colon cancer. Now the doctors will be checking her every 3 years.

Ken Hamilton’s friend’s daughter, Christy Riva, is free of Crones disease. Her father, Bill, considers this a miracle. Christy is medication free for the first time in years.

Ken Hamilton’s daughter, Kerri, returned from a 2003 missionary trip to Germany for the Dallas Baptist General Convention. She and three others plus an adult leader spent 10 days in Burbach, Germany working with the youth in an Evangelical church there and a homeless group. Kerri said a Muslim accepted Christ where she was ministering but mostly they just planted seeds there.

Ken Hamilton’s neighbor, Mrs. Dyer, has returned from the hospital.

Ken Hamilton’s neighbor’s father, Bill Mitchell, had a double bypass on 5/7/03. He has regained his strength and is doing well.

Ken Hamilton had no problems during his surgery for prostate cancer on 10/9/02 and no complications after his surgery.

Ken Hamilton’s children’s step-dad, Laurel Miller, has recovered well from his enlarged and infected prostate.

Ken Hamilton’s headaches are not as bad as they were.

Ken Hamilton friends son, Casey Riva’s, ankle has healed.

John Partridge’s mother, Betty, has recovered from back surgery and came home during the week of 9/2/02.

Jesse Price suffered a mild heart attack on 4/6/03. He has fully recovered.

Jesse Price fell off of a 16 foot extension ladder on 10/14/01 and damaged his left rotatorcuf enough to require surgery. He is now healed.

Jesse Price’s wife, Linda, has recovered from shingles.

I, Randy Rowley, and my wife, Chris, admitted Chris’ mom to an Assisted Living home in Abilene on 4/7/03. Chris’ mom had been living with us for almost eight years with Alzheimer’s and was becoming a danger to herself.

My, Randy Rowley’s, next door neighbor, Chrissy Ruiz, will not require chemotherapy for ovarian cancer.

My, Randy Rowley’s, former co-worker, Sharon O’Reilly, had her breast cancer arrested with chemotherapy.

Mark Weaver’s brother, John, and his wife, who lost their son in 2000, had a baby girl named Anna in the fall of 2001.

Mark Weaver has recovered from a staph infection in his right leg.

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