Proper (Shot)Gun Fit by Joe Schram

Did you know that most Shotguns which are new and out of the box, fit only about 40% of the population? In addition, they only fit about 20% of all women.  This means that a large percentage of the shooting population is hunting/shooting with a gun that doesn’t fit properly.

When a gun doesn’t fit properly, it can change the point of impact causing you to miss your target completely. Improper gun fit can cause bruising, and soreness to the cheek and shoulder area. Many new shooters can have a negative first experience due to improper gun fit and they may never return to try again.
A gun that fits well, should shoulder in the same spot each and every time with ease. It should allow your cheek to settle on top of the comb not less than 1″ and not more than 4″ back from your knuckle joint. As you can see from the picture below, Lisa’s gun has been equipped with an adjustable recoil pad and an adjustable comb which allows her head to sit straight on top looking right down the barrel. Notice Lisa’s head is straight up and down and not leaning to the side. If your head is tilted to the side, you will experience a false point of aim and will not be able to see the target coming from the other direction as it will be blocked by the view of the barrel.
There are many ways to fit your gun to your face and body. There are less expensive alternatives, such as a Cheek-Eze stick on comb pad, and slip on recoil pads that will lengthen a gun. I have even seen people tape Styrofoam cups to the top of the comb to simulate a comb pad in order to raise their sight picture. You can also use Moleskin, found at your local drug store.
After fitting your gun, it is best to take it to the patterning board and find out where it is actually shooting. Patterning is an important and often overlooked technique.

You best bet is to see a gun fitter to get the right change made the first time, which will ultimately be cheaper in the long run. It will also give you many hours of fatigue free and accurate shooting enjoyment.

Let us know how we can help you with your gun fit, because you can’t hit if your gun doesn’t fit!

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