Hog Hunting Checklist


____ Your Texas hunting license, if hunting public land

____ Standard deer hunting gear (gun or now, ammo or arrows, knife, binoculars, laser range finder, camo clothing, rubber boots, Scent-A-Way, pee container, cap light, drinks, snacks, etc.)

____ Standard camping gear, if camping (tent, cot, sleeping bag, pillow, chair, lantern, cooking equipment,  propane stove, food and drinks)

____ A pop-up blind, if not hunting a box blind, tripod, or ladder stand

____ A chair for a box blind (you never know if the blind will have one or not)

____ Gambrel, rope, gut bucket, and large ice chest

____ A rechargeable spotlight or constant-on light with a green (preferably) or red lens (1/2 – two million CP)

____ Shooting sticks if you’re not hunting from a solid blind

____ A ThermaCELL if you’re hunting during months where mosquitos and other bugs will be out (don’t use bug spray – the hogs will smell it)

____ A hunter (blaze) orange cap and/or vest (only for ranches where we can do group stalks or public land)

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