1/23/22 State of the Club Report


2021 was a poor year for FCS when compared to 2005 – 2019.  Probably Covid concerns significantly affected the number of participants and events we had.  If we had not secured the Bartlett season dove lease again the 32 people on the lease probably would have gone on at least one of our day dove hunts, which would have increased our total attendance substantially.  We ended the year with a record number of supporting members (although several of those members joined so they could get on the Bartlett dove lease, which requires supporting FCS membership).  So, we ended the year with the most FCS members that we’ve ever had but not very many of those members attended FCS events.

Attendance highlights included:

  • Our attendance was 300 people, 38 more people than in 2020, and our 18th best.  For a year-by-year comparison, see our Events Statistics page.
  • We had 52 events, eight fewer events than in 2020, tying our 11th best.  For a year-by-year comparison, see our Events Statistics page.
  • We averaged 5.77 participants/event, 1.4 participants/event better than 2020, and our 32nd best.  This is not a significant concern.  I took people on 18 events in my boat (12 Self-chartered Freshwater Fishing Trips, five Self-guided Inland Duck Hunts, and a Self-guided Inland Teal hunt).  As I can only fit four people in my boat, counting me, those trips (which amounted to 35% of our events) contributed to making our overall average low (averaging 2.89 people per event).  For a year-by-year comparison, see our Events Statistics page.
  • We had record attendance at a Guided Duck and Goose Hunt (3 participants on 1/22/20).  For a year-by-year comparison, see our Events Statistics and Attendance pages.  Also, see our Records page (there is not a year-by-year comparison).
  • Our Bay (Chartered and Self-chartered) Fishing Trip category attendance set a new record with 28 participants, and our Guided Duck and Goose Hunt category set the record with 3 participants.  For a year-by-year comparison, see our Events Statistics and Attendance pages.
Category Summary
Category Number
Hunts (includes two Blasts and Casts) 16
Fishing Trips (Freshwater and Bay) 16
Sporting Clays Shoots and Tournaments 11
Meetings 7
Banquet 1
Ministry Event 1
Total 52

Membership highlights included:

  • We had 20 people join the club (our fourth best; the record is 32).  For a year-by-year comparison, see our New Members page.
  • We had 28 members renew their memberships (tying our sixth best; the record is 52 since we have been keeping records in this category).  For a year-by-year comparison (since 2006), see our Membership Renewals page.
  • As I mentioned above, we ended the year with a record 89 supporting members.  For a year-by-year comparison (since 2002), see our Supporting Members Summary page.
  • We had 16 first-time guests/members (our 19th best; the record is 50 since we have been keeping records in this category).  For a year-by-year comparison (since 2002), see our First Time Guests/Members page.

Financial highlights included:

  • This is for the Fiscal Year ending 8/31/21.  It includes the balances per category.  The prepaid trip was for lodging  for a Blast and Cast and was reimbursed.  We now require that lodging and guide fees be paid in full.  Fees for lodging and most guides will be paid to the FCS account.   The lodges and guides will then be paid from the FCS PayPal account, which is linked to our checking account.
Row Labels Sum of Total Amount 
General Fund                       3,466.91 $2,758.84 is for future year memberships
Ministry Fund                             1,318.56
Trip Prepay                                104.39
Grand Total                             4,889.86
During Fiscal Year 2020 (9/1/20 – 8/31/21) we took in $1453.46 in membership dues which is for single and multiple year renewals of 2, 3, and 5 years. 
Allocated 2021 membership revenue is $1216.62.  We spent $1032.79, for a net profit of 183.83.  
For the ministry fund, we took in $86.77 and spent $791.21, for a net loss of ($704.44).
Finances Summary
Year Income Expenditures Profit or loss
Checking (for budgeted items)
FY 2021 $1,216.62 $1,032.79 $183.83
FY 2020 $1,142.04 $1,204.17 ($62.13)
FY 2019 $1,142.05 $1,135.93 $6.12
FY 2018 $1,000.00 $955.00 $45.00
FY 2017 $877.05 $952.58 ($75.53)
Savings (for the ministry fund)
FY 2021 $86.77 $791.21 ($704.44)
FY 2020 $60.46 $164.28 ($103.82)
FY 2019 $565.58 $282.30 $283.28
FY 2018 $650.00 $472.00 $178.00
FY 2017 $669.69 $252.46 $417.23


I would like to thank Bruce Crockett for his 12 years of service as our Webmaster, who will be taking a break from serving in that capacity starting in 2022 (but will continue to serve as our Clay Target Shoot/Tournament Czar) and Ian Daniels for his six years of service as an Event Coordinator (the Guided Waterfowl Hunt Czar), who is taking a break from serving the Club.  Here is our list of Club Officers for 2022 – 2023.  I’d still be happy for someone to take over the Secretary job from me.  For general officer expectations and the Secretary’s job description, see Section IV. Officers in the Bylaws.  Many hands make light work.

The Future:

We have 58 events planned for this year, at the time of this report.  See our Calendar for details, including the list of which officers will oversee which events.  A new trip this year, if we receive enough interest, will be to replace the Corpus Christi Blast and Cast (duck hunt and bay fishing trip) with a freshwater Blast and Cast at either Lake Conroe or Lake O’ the Pines.  For Lake Conroe, we could fish that lake or try Lake Livingston, which is only 45 miles away or Lake Somerville, which is only 70 miles away.  For Lake O’ the Pines, we could fish that lake or try Caddo Lake, which is only 49 miles away, or Lake Fork, which is only 71 miles away.

Events Summary

Events Number
Sporting Clays Tournaments 12
Self-Chartered Freshwater Fishing Trips 11
Self-Guided Inland Duck/Teal Hunts 7
FCS Sporting Clays Shoots 6
Meetings 6
Guided Duck Hunts 2
Self-Chartered Bay Fishing Trips 2
Self-Guided/Chartered Coastal Blasts and Casts (Duck Hunts and Bay Fishing Trips) 2
Self-Guided Dove Hunts 2
Chartered Bay Fishing Trip 1
Chartered Hybrid/Striped/White Bass Fishing Trip 1
Family Banquet 1
Guided Upland Bird Hunt 1
Ministry Event (Wild Game Dinner) 1
Officers’ Meeting 1
Semi-Guided Deer and Hog Hunt 1
Semi-Guided Hog Hunt 1
Total 58

Category Summary

Events Number
Shoots and Tournaments 18
Hunts 16
Fishing Trips 15
Meetings 7
Banquet 1
Ministry Event 1
Total 58

I hope that many more FCS members and guests will soon return to participating in FCS events.

Hunting His way,

Randy Rowley
The Fellowship of Christian Sportsmen

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