15 Essentials for a Deer Hunting Backpack by Randy Rowley


I recommend the following minimum gear for deer hunting backpacks (in order of importance):

  1. Scent Killer (or equivalent) spray (if they smell you it’s game over)
  2. Pee bottle (see #1)
  3. Drinks and non-smelly snacks (see #1)
  4. Thermacell mosquito repellent (don’t get the spray stuff like OFF unless you like not seeing game)
  5. Shooting sticks (if you’re hunting in a pop-up blind, on a tripod without a rail, out in the open, etc.)
  6. Laser rangefinder (if you’re bow hunting or hunting a field where you might get long-range shots)
  7. Binoculars (10×42 or 8×42 roof prism binoculars as they’re more compact and easier to hold than porro prism binoculars)
  8. Anti-fog wipes (for your scope, laser rangefinder, and binoculars)
  9. Extra headlamp or cap light (for the times that you forget to put one on your cap or your battery(ies) die)
  10. Grunt call (a lot of time you can get a walking buck to stop if you grunt at it)
  11. Rattlin’ horns (nothing beats the real thing)
  12. Deer scents or attractants and applicators
  13. Deer dragging rope (a lot easier to drag with instead of grabbing horns or a leg; this can be in your vehicle)
  14. 4″ – 5″ knife with a gut hook (preferably – they make gutting your deer a lot easier; this can also be in your vehicle)
  15. Small knife sharpener (it should include a gut hook sharpener if you have a knife with a gut hook; this can also be in your vehicle)


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