15 Essentials for a Duck Hunting Blind Bag by Randy Rowley


I recommend a floating camo blind bag.  They’re not waterproof, but if your bag gets knocked off your boat it won’t sink, unless you have a lot of weight in it.

I recommend the following minimum gear for your blind bag (in order of importance):

  1. Waterproof head lamp or cap light.  If you can’t see where you’re going you probably won’t have a good day.
  2. Two boxes of Winchester Xpert/Remington Sportsmen/Federal Waterfowl Loads steel shot or HEVI-Steel shotgun shells, for three-inch chambers (if your gun is also chambered for three inches), in 2 or 3 shot.  He’s not a fan of 4 shot except for smaller ducks (teal, buffleheads, ruddy ducks, etc.).  Get the 1550 FPS variant (for steel shot) or the 1500 FPS variant (for HEVI-Steel) – fast shells kill better than more, slower, shot.   10 gauges and 3 1/2 inch shells in 3 1/2 inch-chambered 12 gauges are overkill for ducks.  Steel shot (if of adequate size) will kill ducks – there is no need for HEVI-shot, Tungsten, Bismuth, etc.  You’ll pay a lot more for those shells and they aren’t needed.
  3. A bandoleer to hold your shotgun shells.  I like the Avery one that clips to your waders.
  4. A jerk rig for days when there is no wind and your decoys look like statues.
  5. Extra chokes and a choke carrying case, so they won’t get lost and the threads won’t get dirty.  I keep modified in my gun and have improved cylinder and full in my carrying case.
  6. Duck calls – at least a hen mallard call and a whistle.
  7. Electronic ear muffs (recommended) or ear plugs.
  8. Zip ties (for securing my camo net to T-posts or trees).
  9. Bug repellent.
  10. Non-mirrored sun glasses.
  11. A basic gun cleaning kit (cleaning rod and brush, solvent, oil, a wire brush, and a multi-tool).
  12. A dozen 6 foot long lines, ready to clip to 12 decoys to lengthen them (only for when the water is too deep for my regular six-foot long decoy rigs).
  13. A carrying strap for carrying dead ducks.
  14. Drinks and snacks.
  15. Spares (electronic ear muff and head lamp or cap light batteries, face mask, carabiners, and ear plugs).

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