2020 Hunting Trips Reports


8/8/20 – 8/9/20 Self-guided Hog Hunt

7/24/20 – 7/25/20 Self-guided Hog Hunt

Two hunters endured a sauna at a ranchette near Austin.  They saw deer but no pigs came out.  Burl Fulenwider heard a hog grunt on the other side of the creek but it did not come to the corn.

7/10/20 – 7/11/20 Self-guided Hog Hunt

Two hunters endured a sauna at a ranchette near Austin.  There were four turkeys by the creek feeder when they got here.  At least one deer smelled Don Hebert (presumably, as he was at ground level) a few times but we didn’t see him or her – we just heard it snort.  Randy Rowley finally got his 30-gallon feeder working.  No pigs came out.  However, there were 266 pictures on Randy’s game camera by the creek of which at least a third of them were hogs.  It’s just a matter of time before we connect.

7/2/20 – 7/3/20 Self-guided Hog Hunt

Two hunters were quite hot and sweaty after the 7/2/20 – 7/3/20 Self-guided Hog Hunt on a ranchette near Austin.  No hogs were seen.  Burl Fulenwider had a deer get within 10 yards of him before she realized that he was there.

The hunters had two things that worked to their disadvantage – there was a full moon, which diffused Randy Rowley’s red lights, and people were already shooting off Independence Day fireworks, which sound like gunshots to animals and tend to make them hunker down.  Consequently, Randy and Burl called it quits at 12:15 AM.

2/29/20 Guided Upland Bird (Pheasant, Chukar, and Quail) Hunt

Nine hunters had a great time again with Mike Schumann at the old Dismukes/Bieberstein Ranch near Dime Box.  The total bag was 50 birds (28 quail, 15 chukars, and 7 pheasants).  Three of the hunters were teenagers who were hunting on the package of the adult who brought them.

2/22/20 Guided Pheasant Shoot and Quail Hunt

A record 13 hunters had a great time again with Mike Schumann at the old Dismukes/Bieberstein Ranch near Dime Box.  The morning started off cold and with a few people shivering, but once everyone was in the field things started to warm up nicely.  Before getting to the pheasant thrower the group spotted a pheasant loose on the ground.  A couple of folks took a shot at it after it flushed but it managed to get away.  72 pheasants were thrown and the hunters bagged 63 of them.  The hunters then split into three groups.  Two groups went into the field to hunt the birds that got away following the Schumann’s trained French Brittneys.  The third group went back to the table to clean the birds that were shot.  The groups in the field bagged eight of the escapees.  After everyone regrouped and had lunch a group of six hunters went back out and bagged 54 quail.  The total bag was a record 125 birds (71 pheasants and 54 quail)!  One of the hunters was a teenager who hunted on the package of the adult who brought him.

1/12/20 Guided Sandhill Crane Hunt

Four participants had a good time at the 1/12/20 Guided Sandhill Crane Hunt with Rayce Jenkins near El Campo.  Three cranes were killed, however, the hunters saw dozens of cranes that flew by that would not come down to the decoys.  They also saw hundreds of geese in the distance.  They hunted behind panel blinds.

1/9/20 – 1/12/20 Blast and Cast (Self-guided Duck Hunt and Self-chartered Bay Fishing Trip) at Port O’Connor

Eight participants had a good time at Port O’Connor.

On Thursday late afternoon Wayne Weilnau and Jim McGee fished a couple of hours.  It was breezy but not too bad.  They caught about a half dozen trout and reds, all unders, on soft plastics and vudu shrimp.
On Friday morning Wayne, Jim, Binh Chu, and Daryl Shipper fished together.  They caught a couple of trout, reds, and three flounder, all unders, on soft plastics and vudu shrimp.
On Friday afternoon Wayne, Ted Lieb, Isaac Lieb, and Jim hunted together.  There were very limited shot opportunities.  Jim shot a redhead drake.  Daryl, Binh, Randy Rowley, and Burl Fulenwider hunted together and faired better – killing four ducks, although none wanted to come into their decoy spread.  Randy killed a pintail drake and a redhead drake.  Randy and Burl killed a redhead hen.  Daryl and Binh killed a redhead drake.
When Daryl’s group got back to the POC Fishing Center it was pitch black.  Daryl tied his boat up while Binh went to get Daryl’s truck and trailer.  When Randy saw Binh heading to the ramp, he went to untie Daryl’s boat and took a step where he thought that there was a wooden deck – but it was nothing but water.  Randy discovered that he couldn’t walk on water and fell into the water, which proved to be over his head.  Fortunately he has a built-in life jacket (his big belly).  Daryl gave him a hand and he pulled him over to the dock.  Randy then pulled himself along the side of the dock towards the shore until he could feel the bottom under his feet.  His right calf cramped up when he tried to swim with his waders on, but his less than 24-hour-old Samsung Galaxy S10+ and both of his car remotes survived their saltwater bath, thanks to spending several hours in a Zip-Lok bag of rice.  The only negative outcome was the inside of his waders were now wet, but that was mostly solved the next morning by putting on more clothes.
On Saturday morning Wayne, Ted, Isaac, and Jim fished with cut and artificial bait.  Wayne caught a trout on the last cast of the morning.  Daryl, Binh, Randy and Burl killed 12 redheads but only bagged seven.  Three fell in water that was too deep, floated away, and could not be found.  Two others that Randy shot landed in the mangroves behind the blind and couldn’t be found.  The wind was over 20 MPH.  On the way back the hunters were treated to seeing a group of approximately 500 redheads sitting together in a huge raft in the middle of the bay, riding the white-capped waves.
On Saturday afternoon the group, minus Randy (who stayed back to rest his very sore calf and knee) fished with nothing to show for it.
On Sunday morning Wayne, Daryl, Binh, and Jim hunted together.  A single redhead hen was shot by three of the hunters.  The meat was largely destroyed.  A wounded redhead landed 150 yards out from blind.  Binh chased him for 400+ yards and shot it multiple times before it expired.  Randy, Burl, Ted, and Isaac went on a guided sandhill crane hunt near El Campo (see the above 1/12/20 Guided Sandhill Crane Hunt report).
Thanks to Wayne for opening up his home to the group and to Wayne and Daryl for bringing their boats.

1/4/20 Self-guided Inland Duck Hunt

Four hunters mostly enjoyed the scenary at a stock tank (pond) Southeast of Austin.  Only one duck came by after legal shooting time and he wouldn’t come down.

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