2022 Banquet Report


8/16/22 FCS Family Celebration Banquet

28 participants (one short of tying the record) had a great time at La Margarita Restaurante.  The food and the venue were great!  We were able to order from the menu and pay separately.  Scott Lemasters, founder of Trailblazer Ministries and author of “Hunt of a Lifetime: An Outdoorsman’s Journey to Prayer,encouraged us with a message of giving our issues to God at the altar from the book of Hezekiah.  Scott signed his book for those who wanted to buy one.  Randy Rowley also signed his book, “Pursuing God’s Way: Meeting God In His Creation” for those who wanted to buy one.  Two door prizes were given away.

Scott Lemasters making his presentation

The following awards were given:

The Longest Fish Caught on a 2021 FCS Freshwater Fishing Trip – Chris Rowley – 23 3/4″ largemouth bass. It also had a 16″ girth and weighed 6.18 lbs.

The following people also landed fish that were measured:

  • Randy Rowley – 18 3/4″ largemouth bass and an 18 1/2″ channel catfish
  • Jim McGee – 16 1/4″ largemouth bass, 14″ crappie, and a 14? long Gasper Goo (freshwater drum)
  • Chris Rowley – 14 3/4 Guadalupe bass
  • Burl Fulenwider – 14 1/2″ largemouth bass

The Longest Fish Caught on a 2021 FCS Saltwater Fishing Trip – Blake Lieb – 40″ bull redfish

The following people also landed fish that were measured:

  • Blake Lieb – 38″ bull redfish and a 40″, 36 lb. black drum
  • Zack Tumlinson – 34″, 22 lb. black drum
  • Burl Fulenwider – 33 1/2″ black drum and a 31 1/2″ black drum
  • Randy Rowley – 27″ redfish (his PB) and a 27″ black drum (his PB)
  • Daryl Shipper – 18″ black drum

The Largest Animal Taken on a 2021 FCS Big Game Hunt – Christian Bana – 190 lb. hog.

The following people also killed big game animals:

  • Steve Fusco – doe (not weighed)
  • Raul Pena – doe (not weighed)
  • Blake Lieb – 60 lb. hog

2021 FCS Shooter of the Year – Bruce Crockett

Bruce won five out of the six FCS shoots that he shot in (83%).

The following people also won shoots:

  • Paul Ellis – one
  • Jonathan Fleming – one

Bruce averaged 41.5/50 for six shoots.

The following people had averages over 35/50, with a minimum of three shoots:

  • Mike Walsh – 41/50 for three shoots (shooting 41/50 during all three shoots)
  • Paul Ellis – 36.5/50 for four shoots

Bruce and Jonathan tied for the 2021 high score – 48/50.

The following people shot 42/50 or better:

  • Bruce Crockett – 46/50
  • Bret Mercer – 45/50
  • Matt Nelson – 42/50

Most First-Time Guests Invited to FCS Events in 2021 – Patrick Kelly, Randy Rowley, and Daryl Shipper – 2

Daryl and Randy, behind Burl Fulenwider

Most FCS Events Attended in 2021 by a Member – Burl Fulenwider – 14 events

The following member also attended at least six events:

  • Jim McGee – 11 events

Most FCS Events Attended in 2021 by an Officer – Randy Rowley – 34 events

The following officers also attended at least six events:

  • Daryl Shipper – 13 events
  • Binh Chu – 6 events

2021 FCS Volunteer of the Year – Daryl Shipper

The following person also received a vote:

  • Randy Rowley

2021 FCS Sportsman of the Year – Randy Rowley

The following people also received votes:

  • Jonathan Fleming
  • Jim McGee
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