Avoid SD card Game Camera Mistakes by Randy Rowley


I have been having problems with two of my game cameras not taking pictures.  At first, I thought that it was the SD cards so I bought two new ones and the cameras still were not working.  I replaced the batteries and still didn’t have results for one of the cameras, so I figured that it was toast (it’s about four years old).  So, I bought another one.

I tried the nearly-new camera that I bought at home with new batteries and a nearly-new SD card and it wouldn’t work either.  I then found this video – Avoid These 5 SD Card Trail Camera Mistakes and learned that I had been violating three of the five mistakes (I was formatting my cards on my camera instead of formatting them on my computer, I was moving cards from one game camera to another, and I was using a card with a micro SD card in it).  For the reasons why one shouldn’t do those things watch the video.

I took the camera that I thought was toast home, put in a freshly formatted nearly-new SD card, and now it works perfectly.  So, now I have a third camera if I ever need to put out another one or if one of my other two cameras ever decides to die.

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