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Randy Rowley and Mike Walsh highly recommend Dennis with Interstate  Marine and Outboard Service between Salado and Belton.

From Randy:

I called Dennis and described my problem to him – my starter motor wouldn’t crank at all, nor would my trim motor budge an inch. He said to bring it in. When I arrived Dennis stopped what he was doing and diagnosed the problem in less than 30 minutes – the main engine fuse was blown. Fortunately, my boat’s motor came with a spare so I was on the road again in less than 30 minutes.

When I went to pay him my credit card wouldn’t go through (it had expired and I hadn’t received a new one). Most people would have chewed me out but Dennis said that I could mail him a check. Instead, I agree to pay him with cash in person two days later (and I did). He is a man of good character and is very personable.

From Mike:

Called Dennis at 9:15am. I told him my problem with my power lift. He said to bring it in. I arrived at 9:45 am and Dennis looked it over and said the switch was bad. He replaced it immediately, he had one in stock that was identical . I was on the lake at 11am. He also replaced a trailer light and greased the power lift. Great service. Very personable and honest. I had previously taken my boat in to have work done. I was happy about the work , paid for it and left. Dennis called the next day and said I was accidentally charged twice for something and he owed me $40.00.

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