Cabela’s Deluxe Locking Hoist and Gambrel System by Randy Rowley

Out of all the outdoor gear that I own, this may be the most indispensable. If you’ve ever tried to hoist a 100 lb. + deer or hog by yourself using only a rope and gambrel, you know that it’s no easy feat. In addition to the chore of hoisting the animal, you then have to tie the rope around the tree.

Cabela’s has solved both of these problems with their Deluxe locking hoist and gambrel system. The Deluxe model has a 4:1 lift-assist ratio that allows one person to easily lift deer-sized game up to the desired height. The 20 1/2? gambrel has a 500-lb. capacity. The hoist includes a self-locking device that makes it easy to keep the game at the height you want without having to tie the rope off. The cost is $24.99.
So far this year I have used it to hoist six deer (one was mine and the other five belonged to other people) in my backyard without a glitch. This may indeed be the best thing since sliced bread!
Cabela’s Deluxe Locking Hoist and Gambrel System
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