8/7/15 Complacency


In case you didn’t see the update to our Vote & Polls web page, on 7/28/15 I initiated a poll among the Club members and future members regarding whether our 2016 annual dinner should be a banquet instead of just a dinner.  I conveyed that basically, a banquet would look like our dinners to date – lots of opportunities to talk and to eat.  In addition, we could have a speaker, awards, and a slide show.  The poll results were as follows:

  • Thirteen respondents indicated that they would like to attend a banquet-style dinner next year at a restaurant with a private dining room.
  • Five respondents indicated that they preferred for next year’s dinner to be like our dinners have always been (only talking and eating at a restaurant).

Based on the results of the poll, I will explore a locale for a banquet next year.  To those of you who only want to talk and eat, I’d prefer that you give a banquet a chance.  But if that’s too much of a time commitment to you feel free to leave after dinner.

Last Saturday I attended a Concordia University graduation ceremony at Riverbend Church.  The commencement speaker, Janice Ryan, shared something that sums up my thoughts regarding organizations perfectly.  She stated, “Complacency is where dreams go to die.”  An organization is either growing, including doing new things, or it is becoming complacent and heading in the other direction.  That is one reason why each year we try to add new events to our calendar or at least not do things exactly the same way that we always have.

Think of where we would be if we had taken the “we can’t do that because we’ve never done it that way before” approach.  Certainly some of our more popular events like our 24-hour sporting clays shoots, student-instructor/student sporting clays shoots, self-guided coastal duck hunts, wild game dinners, guided duck hunts, guided upland bird hunts, semi-guided hog hunts, chartered hybrid bass fishing trips, and more would have never made it to the calendar.

I’m excited about the possibilities that this banquet offers.  All that I ask is that you give it a chance.

Randy Rowley
The Fellowship of Christian Sportsmen

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