Dove Hunting Tips by Paul Irwin


For hunting dove, you pick a spot to hunt, sit down, and be ready for something to fly within range. Know your target area, which directions you can and cannot shoot BEFORE you see the birds so you don’t shoot something or someone you shouldn’t. Camouflage is beneficial, but not critical. I have killed dove in blue jeans and a white undershirt before. There is no baiting allowed for migratory birds, but you can use decoys. Use 7 1/2 shot in your shotgun. Which choke you use will depend on how the birds are flying that day, but a Modified is usually a good choice.

Dove hunting isn’t so much hunting, as it is waiting for one to fly over so you can shoot it. You can talk with your friends and neighbors, it is very social, and that is what makes it special. Be sure to bring a cooler with some cold non-alcoholic drinks with you.

Know what a dove looks like in the sky, there are many other birds out there that you don’t want to, aren’t supposed to, shoot. Lead them a little more than you think you should, and keep a close eye on them when they fall so you don’t lose them.

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