Feeding the Hungry by Randy Rowley


Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry is an outreach ministry of the people of God called upon to feed venison to the hungry among us nationwide.  All you need to do is take a field-dressed deer that you wish to donate to the Bon Ton Meat Market (115 South Camino Real Road, Uhland, near Kyle, 512-398-3810) and tell them that it is for Texas Hunters and Hunters Feeding the Hungry.  There is no cost to you.  They no longer take hogs.  For more information contact John Hilgers at 512-350-4011.

Hunters for the Hungry is a statewide wild game donation program that provides a healthy source of protein to Texans who need assistance obtaining well-balanced, nutritious meals.  Simply bring your field-dressed whitetail or mule deer to a participating processing plant, tell the clerk that the animal is for the Hunters for the Hungry program, and pay the approximate $20.00 processing fee.  The meat will be given to low-income people.  Participating processing plants in the Austin area include Hudson’s Sausage Company and Texas Sausage Company.  They do not take hogs.  For more information e-mail or call them at 800-992-9767 or 512-462-2555.

There were two organizations with similar ministries – Hunters Harvest and Pacto con Dios (A Pact with the Trinity), but they no longer appear to be operating.

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