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Hi all – I wanted to give a brief review of some flashlights I bought recently. If you are receiving this, I have reason to believe that you are into the outdoors whether it be shooting, hunting, or simply camping or hiking. I hope you find this useful and it will potentially save you a lot of money.

I recently bought three flashlights. I already have a Surefire G2 that I like, I recently got a Surefire weapon mounted light, and needless to say I am a big fan of Surefire lights. In my latest series of purchases I bought three flashlights.
1. Surefire G3 – Xenon Bulb – 3xCR123 batteries – on sale for $30 at
2. Streamlight Polytac Flashlight – White LED 2xCR123 batteries – $35 at
3. Coleman LED Performance with red and blue lenses – 3xAAA batteries – $20 at Academy.
One can never have enough good flashlights around. My main purpose for this is night time hunting I already have a 60 lumen weapon light with mount for my AR15, and I can use it on my shotgun, but I wanted more versatility. The $500 Surefire weaponlight has the pressure switch, and an IR filter, but no red lens. I could order one for $40 but it would only fit that flashlight.
So, I opted for something that would fit the more standard 1? bezel which is on my G2, and I decided if the G2 (which I have had for a while) was good the G3 must be better right? And it was on sale. Plus, I ordered the 200 lumen lamp assembly for the G3 so that should be ridiculously bright.
Anyway, by the time I bought the light on sale for $30, the lens for $40, and the lamp assembly for another $35, I now have a $105 flashlight. The g3 is a little more than an inch longer to fit the additional CR123 battery, and it is bright as expected. I can light up a hog at 100 yards with the white light. However, the red lens on it SERIOUSLY diminishes its usefulness. I estimate usable shooting distance of about 25 yards with the red lens on. Not very good. Now, this is with the 105 lumen lamp as the 200 lumen lamp has not arrived yet, it is on backorder along with the mount I need to actually put this stuff on my shotgun!
So, compared to the Streamlight Polytac with no colored lens the G3 and the poly seem to illuminate about the same. I feel I can see better with the LED light instead of the Xenon though. The LED light is more white, and the Xenon looks more yellow is like an incandescent bulb in a lamp at home versus a fluorescent light. Maybe it is personal preference, but for me the LED is a better light source. They both advertise about the same Lumens, and I find that they both illuminate about the same distance and about the same brightness.
However, when I took the red lens, the same one I used on the Surefire, and actually made for the Surefire, and mounted it onto the Polytac, the difference was well…night and day! The Polytac was WAY brighter than the G3 with the red lens and this made me very happy.
So, the final contestant was the Coleman which I bought at Academy. Now, I thought I paid $15 for this, but it may have been $20 or so. Either way, when comparing it heads up to the much more expensive lights…IT BEAT THE SNOT OUR OF THEM! It is brighter than either one, cheaper, comes with screw on lenses of blue and red, projects a great red beam that I could shoot 100 yards with I am sure, and it even feels like it is better made.
The down side is it won’t fit in my weapon mounts, but maybe I can fine one for it. This is without a doubt the most impressive little flashlight I have ever held. All for about $20! The brightness, beam size, distance it illuminates, and price are all better than the rest, so I would highly recommend it for anyone, especially for nighttime hog or varmint hunting. Plus, it takes the much cheaper and easier to find AAA batteries!
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