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Bass Fishing with Ander Meine of Bassquatch Fishing

Randy Rowley recommends Ander Meine of Bassquatch Fishing for chartered bass fishing (with lures, of course), predominantly on Lake Bastrop (although he does fish Lady Bird Lake, Lake Austin, etc.).  Ander is very knowledgeable and a very successful tournament angler.  Roy Brigman caught 12 bass and Randy caught five on 9/4/15 and they both learned a lot.  Contact Ander at (435) 313-1838 or

Bass Fishing with Brian Parker of Lake Austin Fishing

Randy Rowley recommends Brian Parker of Lake Austin Fishing for chartered bass fishing (with lures, of course) on Lake Austin.  Brian is very knowledgeable and although Randy, Ryan Rowley, and Roy Brigman didn’t catch a lot of bass (no one was catching bass due to the 56-degree water temperature on 3/11/14) they all learned a lot.  Contact Brian at 817-808-2227 or

Deep-Sea Fishing with Captain Ron Pierson

Randy Rowley recommends Captain Ron Pierson for deep-sea fishing.  Ron fishes out of Port Aransas in the Marlin Babe.  Six FCS members were impressed with Ron and the efforts that he took to get us on fish during an FCS 10/25/03 Deep Sea Fishing Trip.  Fishing is good any time of the year with the exception of winter.  Contact Ron at 361-749-7311.

Deer and Turkey Lease on the Shield Ranch

Dick Geoffroy’s friend, Chris Munson, has been a member of a deer lease on the Shield ranch for several years.  The property is located right off Hamilton Pool Road about five miles from Hwy 71 (Hamilton Pool Road is about three miles west on Hwy 71 from Bee Caves).  Drive time from 183/620 is about 45 – 60 minutes depending on the time of day.

Entry to the ranch is via an electronic keypad (which activates an electric gate).  The size of the lease area is about 1200 acres on two pastures.  Camping on the lease is permitted in a designated area, which is remote from the ranch headquarters.  Check-in on entry and check-out on exit is required by the Ranch but it is easy.  They have six feeders on the property and approximately 20 established stand locations.

The Ranch is a working ranch and part of the Balcones Canyonlands program.  There is an aggressive coyote management program going on at the ranch.  This year and for the last two years ranch management has been working to redevelop the big buck population.  This year hunters will be allowed to take up to two cull bucks, spike to 5 points if the spikes are taller than the ears, or antlers are between the ears.  No does will be allowed to be killed but the ranch has designated that one large buck of 8 points or larger may be killed by one of the group.  There are additional rules for that deer.  One bearded turkey may be taken per hunter in the fall or during two designated weekends in the following spring turkey season.  Hunters may take guests on the lease, including their children, but any game taken is counted to the lease hunter’s ranch limit.  No other game may be taken.  The only other animals allowed to be killed are coyotes.

The lease fee is $600 per hunter (your children can hunt on your lease at no additional cost) for the season due to ranch restrictions on bag limits.  Ranch rules and liability releases are much more detailed but this covers the basics.

Hunters must write in a logbook upon check-in (first come first serve each hunt period or day).  They must designate which blind area they plan to hunt that period and they are expected to stay with it.  There are lots of creeks and draws on the lease so stands and blinds are well protected by terrain.  With only five hunters on 1200 acres, there is always a place to go where deer have been seen and many times killed over the years.

The lead hunter on the lease is Jim Horton.  The other hunter, Tomas Leon, tends to hunt very frequently at the beginning of the season, becoming less frequent usually after thanksgiving.  None of the hunters took deer last year but they all had an opportunity.  No one camped overnight at the lease the last two seasons.

The owner likes to wrap up commitments by about April and then have everyone signed and paid by September.

If you are interested or would like more info, please call Chris during the day at 512-345-7840 or evenings at 512-331-2136.  His cell is 512- 517-5308.

Duck Hunting with Double Harvest Guide Service

Mark Dillow recommends duck hunting with Double Harvest Guide Service.  They are located in Carthage, north of the Lake Toledo Bend area.  Food and lodging are available.  They also hunt for deer, hogs, and turkeys.  Double Harvest is run by Tim Kempfe, who is a Christian.  The cost for this unguided hunt is $75.00.  Food and lodging are available at an additional cost.  They also hunt for deer, hogs, and turkeys.  Bobby Brasher, the President of the Christian Hunters and Anglers, also recommends him.  Tim can be reached at 1-800-595-2945.

Duck Hunting with Robert Reeves

Eddy Chance’s friend, Bill Kittle, recommends duck hunting with Robert Reeves.  Robert is a Labrador Retriever trainer who lives in Hutto.  He has access to properties in the Thorndale area.  He guides day hunts for $500 per day for five hunters only.  Robert can be reached at 512-759-3647.

Hog and Sheep Hunting at the J.B. Hunting Ranch

Randy and Ryan Rowley and Kelvin Cheung recommend the J.B. Hunting Ranch for hogs.  Jimmy Cohenour, Jim Bob Cohenour, and his cousin Eddie Lee Toohey hunted with us at the FCS 2002 Hog Hunt with Texas Wild.  After hunting two other ranches with poor results, Jimmy and Jim Bob decided to develop their own hog ranch 23 miles south of El Campo, near Blessing.

They have 100 acres bordering a river.  Their ranch is divided into two sections.  They maintain 100 hogs on the property with about 60 on the front half and the rest on the back half.  They bought several hogs and trapped the rest.  They have an electric fence for the front half of the property to keep the hogs in.  The rear half of the property borders the river.  Hogs are free to come and go on the rear half of the property.

They had several Barbados rams, a Corsican ram, and a Mouflon ram when we were there.  However, their sheep had little fear of man.  We were able to walk straight up to them several times as close as 15 yards before they started to walk off.

They have at least eight blinds and six working feeders and feed once a day, although most hunting is done by stalking or drives.  One stand is 52 feet tall.  They hunt year-round and allow night hunting.  You can also shoot varmints.  They also offer the use of a boat to fish on their river during downtime.  Group rates are available.

Pros: There are many, many hogs.  You will get at least a shot.  Jim Bob went the extra mile in conducting drives, looking for my hog, and in helping us skin and quarter our hogs.  The Cohenour’s make you feel welcome.  Mrs. Cohenour gave us some dessert bread when we arrived and biscuits and honey the next day for breakfast.  They have a new bunkhouse with an A/C – heater combo unit.  They have a garage with a sink, toilet, stove, and upright chest freezer.

Cons: The size of the ranch precludes large groups.  Other Cons include the bunkhouse is tiny (we barely fit all of our gear in it; a group of six would have to store some of its gear in their garage, which has an additional cost), their freezer has room for no more than two 150 pounds butchered hogs, and their pricing is more costly than some of their competitors.

In the final analysis, the J.B. Hunting Ranch is a great place for a small group to go kill “meat” hogs of up to 100 pounds.

Contact Jimmy at 979-240-5569 for more information.  Jimmy offers a discount to FCS members.

Hog and Sheep Hunting at the Rio Bonito Ranch

Mr. Charlie Batts highly recommends the Rio Bonito Ranch near Junction for hog and sheep hunts.  Fishing is available at no additional charge.  It is a 16,000-acre ranch with no high fences.  Mr. Batts reports that the Rio Bonito Ranch is probably the finest hunting ranch he has ever hunted.  The people were wonderful, the food was great, the service was unbelievable, and the hunting was beyond belief.  Everything was as promised with no push to upgrade to other animals.  He killed a Texas Dall ram.  If you ever want a dream hunt at a reasonable price with extremely fine service and animals this is the place!  Mr. Batts also reports that Chuck Swindall and many other Christian men have hunted there.

Speckled Trout and Redfish Fishing with Captain Bob Hill

Jim McGee recommends Captain Bob Hill of Port O’Connor Charters.  Bob specializes in bay (speckled trout and redfish), jetty, and offshore fishing, and is a Christian.  Bob can be reached at 281-984-0015

Speckled Trout and Redfish Fishing with Captain Brent Hopkins

Jim McGee recommends Captain Brent Hopkins of the Ace in the Hole Guide Service.   Brent specializes in speckled trout and redfish fishing from Rockport.  He also does “Blast and Cast” trips (combo duck hunts and bay fishing trips or dove hunts and bay fishing trips) and hog and javelina hunts.  Brent is also recommended by Archery Country.  He has an email distribution list that he will be happy to add you to.  He sends out fairly frequent emails about how the fishing is going near Rockport.  Brent can be reached at 361-729-6911 (Home) and 361-534-4007 (Cell).

Speckled Trout and Redfish Fishing with Captain Joe Miles

Mr. Charlie Batts recommends Captain Joe Miles of Reel Busy Guide Service.  Mr. Batts reports that Joe is a great guide who has a great boat and a condo near the dock.  Joe uses live croaker.  Mr. Batts caught one 30” trout and several large redfish over 28”.  Mr. Batts stated that their catch was great, but not much above Joe’s normal catch on good days at Baffin Bay.  Mr. Batts also stated that the 21-mile boat ride to Baffin Bay is a blast and just watching the sun come up on the water and seeing the big trout and reds feeding on baitfish is awesome!  Joe’s address is 4113 Claudia, Corpus Christi, TX, 78418.  He can be reached at 361-937-7062.  Mr. Batts warns FCS members that Joe is a bit “crusty” and uses vulgar language freely.

Speckled Trout and Redfish Fishing with Captain Rick Loveday

Mr. Charlie Batts and Randy Rowley recommend Captain Rick Loveday for speckled trout and redfish fishing.  Mr. Batts reports that Rick is the best bay fishing guide that he has fished with and is a gentleman.  Rick uses live bait or lures and boat or wade fishes.  Whatever it takes to catch fish!  He leaves the dock at first light and normally puts in an eight to nine-hour day unless they limit out early.  When they limit out on trout he’ll go try to find the reds.  He specializes in big trout.

He fishes the Laguna Madre, Baffin Bay, and the Land Cut.  Early in the Spring, he wades Baffin Bay with topwater lures or soft plastics.  He supplies everything except your food and drinks.  For wade trips, you fish with your own rod and reel.  He supplies stringers and bait buckets if needed.  Rick uses live croaker and piggy perch.  One of his clients won 5th place in a STAR tourney with a 31 1/2″ Speck.  It weighed 10 lbs when he caught it and they had a 10.10 lb. speck the day before.  FCS fished with Rick on 8/5/05.  Three of us caught 50 lbs. of fish.

He can handle large groups and get as many boats as you need.  Rick can be reached at 361-368-2422 (Home) or 361-946-1182 (Cell).  His address is P.O. Box 1691, Odem, TX 78370.

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