Muck Boots by Randy Rowley


The problems with your typical rubber boots are they don’t do a good job of keeping your feet warm and they take on a foot odor.  Muck has solved these problems with their breathable Airmesh linings (similar to the linings in running shoes).

They also feature stretch-fit topline bindings that fit snug to your calves to keep warmth in and cold out, added toe protection with a wrap-up toe bumper, kick rims for hands-free removal, additional Achilles reinforcement, 5mm CR flex-foam booties with four-way stretch nylon, and the outsole wraps the entire perimeter to provide maximum protection and stability.  They are lightweight, flexible, buoyant, and comfortable!  The comfort range is from -20° F to 75° F!

I got a pair of their Edgewater boots for $80.95 plus shipping.  From what I can tell the only difference between their Edgewater and Fieldblazer boots is the later has camo uppers (but no one will see them because they’ll be covered with your pants) and costs $20.00 more!  My Edgewater’s are now the only boots that I wear while deer and/or hog hunting in cold and cool weather.  Muck makes several other models, including Wetland and Wood versions.

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