New Dove Hunter Checklist


___   Hunting License and Migratory Bird stamp (also the Texas Hunter Education certificate, if it applies to you)

___   Shotgun (12 gauge or 20 gauge)

___   Five boxes of 2 3/4″ shells (Remington Heavy Dove loads, Winchester Heavy Game loads, or Federal Heavy Field Loads in  7 1/2 shot for white-wings or 8 shot for mourning dove; the average hunter kills 15 dove in 120 shots or five boxes)

___   Bucket/stool with a couple of drinks (ice is optional for a bucket) and snacks (optional)

___   Camo or khaki shirt; camo, khaki, or blue jean pants/shorts; dove vest; cap/hat; and sturdy boots/shoes (don’t wear bright colors like orange, red, lime green, yellow, etc.)

___   Ear plugs or muffs

___   Sunglasses/shooting glasses

___   Game shears

___   Gallon sized Ziploc freezer bag to put your breasted dove in

___   Water and/or baby wipes to clean your hands

___   Mojo Dove/decoys (optional; if you bring a Mojo bring extra batteries)

___   Money for meals and your share of the gas (if you’re not driving)

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