Quicksand by James Matysek


Isaiah 38:16-17

New International Version

16 Lord, by such things people live; and my spirit finds life in them too.  You restored me to health and let me live.

17 Surely it was for my benefit that I suffered such anguish.  In your love you kept me from the pit of destruction; you have put all my sins behind your back.

It’s tough to write about such things but I know I’m surrounded by people who are also wild at heart looking for their something to make sense of it all.

Well thanks to Jesus, the Holy Spirit a few angels and Bear Grylls I’m still here to tell the story.  Went through some angry times 2017-2019.  Went through some tragedies and was blessed to survive some some health scares of my own in 2019.

Found some new fishing spots also Posted keep out and No Trespassing signs in a new area of the coast.

Well I did not heed the warning in fact I crossed over a jetty barrier right into the area. Was in search of flounder at night with all my gear.  I made it about 30 yds before I took one critical step that was the edge of a mud and silt hole.  It was low tide.  I quickly went down up to my chest.  And that was the opening act.  Tide was coming in.  Would be over my head if the mud didn’t get me first.

I quickly paused and prayed.  I also remember watching an episode of Bear Grylls survival in which he explained how to get out of quicksand.  I did exactly what he said.  I dog paddled my way to the edge and eventually got traction.  I was covered head to toe in mud.  My brand new miners cap light fell in and was still shining in the mud.

Fortunately no law enforcement involved in this story.  I would have been my own judge and jury had things turned out different.  Blessed by Grace that wasn’t the outcome.  Can’t say that I’m still not wild by heart but that ended my trespassing career.

Wow this was an eye opener and attention getter for me.

Dear Lord I thank You for the many times You saved me along the way in life and even used people when necessary.

Heavenly Father thank You for sending Your Son Jesus to die for our Sins so we could avoid what we justly deserve.  Heavenly Father we ask for provisions in abundance and guidance as we navigate this life we have here on earth.  Lord now more than ever it is easy for us to take bad shortcuts and the internet etc. is full of snares that can swallow us up like quick sand and worse.  Lord help keep us on the straight and narrow path.

Lord help each of us complete our journey well.  Help us to fall forward to You and the foot of the cross when we fall.  We will fall. Help guide our falls.  Help lift us up and dust us off.  Help us to carry on under Your power.  Lord when all our strength is gone help us to crawl and just breath toward Home.  In Jesus name we pray.  Amen.

PS Lord the irony of me posting scripture is truly an irony.  Thanks for allowing us all to share just how Gracious You have been to us.

PSS Thank You for carrying me through a very dark time in my heart when I was angry at You.  I’m sure we all have had those times if we are truthful to our souls and life journey.  Thanks for being the redeeming God that You are.  Thanks for sending the Holy Spirit to help get us right again.

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