Tear Aid Type A & B Patches by Randy Rowley


If you ever get a hole in your neoprene or breathable waders a Tear-Aid Patch Type A will seal it.  I’ve tried Tear Aid Type A patches on both types of waders and it fixed leaks in both types. 

The patches are VERY sticky, so when you press down on them you won’t be able to get them off except with a knife.  Therefore, make sure that the patch is where you want it before you press down on it.

Type A Patch Features and Benefits

  • Repairs holes and tears in all fabrics except vinyl
  • Protects against abrasions, moisture, saltwater, harmful UV radiation, and extreme temperatures
  • Industrial-strength elastomer patch is airtight, watertight, durable, flexible, and puncture-resistant
  • Aggressive adhesive holds air under pressure and will not pull off when stretched
  • Cuts with scissors to any size and conforms to irregular surfaces
  • Will not turn gummy in the heat
  • See-through design for use with any fabric color

Patches on my neoprene waders came off after two-three years, so they’re not permanent.

Academy sells either type for $7.99/box. They’re located in the tent section.

I don’t know how they would work on rubber or canvas waders.

The Tear-Aid Type B Patch repairs holes in vinyl only.  I’m sure that they would seal holes in vinyl tents, tarps, etc.

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