24-Hour Sporting Clays Shoots


Our Annual 24-hour Sporting Clays Shoot at the 74 Ranch Resort Ranch near Campbellton (1 hour south of San Antonio) is usually held in April.  The cost is $300.00 per person for Friday noon to Saturday noon (double occupancy).  Single occupancy is $375 per person.

This includes 10 – 12 hours of shooting, four fantastic meals (from award winning Chef Tan Nguyen), and lodging.  The cost does not include your shotgun shells.  The average shooter shoots three to four cases of shells (40 boxes = $237.72 if shooting the Winchester Game Loads, available at Academy.  Figuring in your share of gas the total trip cost will be around $500, if you shoot three cases of the above or equivalent cost loads.  You may want to spread out the cost of the shells over several weeks.

We will arrive shortly before noon Friday and unload.  Lunch will be served, and then it’s off to the range in golf carts.  You can shoot as much as you like until dinner time.  You may shoot after dinner as well, but usually we have had enough shooting for one day.  The next morning starts with a super breakfast, followed by shooting, and another great lunch.  We will depart the ranch after lunch.

Here are pictures from past 24-Hour Sporting Clays Shoots:

One ounce 12 gauge loads are recommended as are either Past recoil shields (available at Academy), Bob Allen recoil shields (available at Walmart), or Browning Reactar gel pads (they can be inserted in a Browning vest or harness that are both designed for it and are available at Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shops) are wise investments.  As are shooting gloves, such as the Bob Allen Shotgunner (a mesh glove that is available at Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shops) as your gun will get very hot!

A round of 50 clay targets on the Sporting Clays course at Capitol City Clays costs around $27.  If you were to shoot 20 rounds (40 boxes or four cases) at Capitol City Clays it would cost you $540.  For $300.00 at the 74 Ranch you get 20 rounds or so, four first class meals, and lodging equivalent to Best Western or La Quinta!  This is as much sporting clays shooting in 24 hours as we normally do in almost four years at Capitol City Clays (if you shot every other month)!

In addition to the above, bring the following:

  • Shooting vest, shell pouch, or shooting bag.
  • A cap, shooting glasses or sunglasses, and ear muffs or plugs.

The 74 Ranch has the following benefits:

  • Over 300 target combinations
  • Fifteen stations – minimum four traps per station
  • 75 Auto LaPorte Traps with remotes
  • Twenty-foot, forty-foot, and two 100-foot Towers
  • Three stations over water
  • Three stations with targets thirty yards below your feet
  • Golf carts

At the 74 Ranch, we also don’t keep score (like we do at Capitol City Clays) which speeds things up considerably.  At Capitol City Clays we usually rotate shooters after every 8 – 10 shells.  At the 74 Resort Ranch we usually rotate after 2 – 3 boxes!  At the 74 Ranch you can literally “park” at a station until you figure it out.  Several of our members can testify how this has dramatically improved their shooting.

Note: the 74 Ranch Resort changed their policy in 2022 – we must now prepay a 50% deposit ($150.00) upfront, so Bruce Crockett will need your deposit by early February.  Make your check out to Bruce Crockett, and he will make one payment to the 74 Ranch Resort.  Send your check to Bruce no later than early February to:

Bruce Crockett

2119 Woodston Dr

Round Rock, Texas 78681

RSVP’s are required to Bruce Crockett at or 512-970-7797 on or before the due date, so Bruce can determine if we have adequate interest.  We will need a minimum of 4 people to secure our reservation and can take a maximum of 12 people.

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