My massage guy’s brother has started manufacturing 9mm with some Army friends as a business and has a large capacity press.  I am considering buying a brick of 500 9mm 115-grain bullets for $350.  What are other details I should ask and know before deciding?  The projectile type, powder measurements, etc.?  Do you know of a reliable source for ammo that I should review first?

The pressure of the rounds should not be greater than the recommended maximum pressure – 35,000 psi.  However, as these are undoubtedly target rounds (FMJ) that shouldn’t be a problem.  Another thing to be concerned about is the cases.  Brass cases are preferred, followed by aluminum, then steel.  Some guns have trouble chambering and/or ejecting aluminum and/or steel cased ammo.  As these are Army guys I’d bet my lunch that they’ll be brass.

Lastly, foreign components (cases, powder, primers, and bullets) can be a concern.  However, again, as these are Army guys I’d bet my lunch and dinner that everything is at military specifications (Mil-Spec) and made in the USA.

Be aware that some gun manufacturers will void their warranty if you shoot non-factory ammo and especially if you shoot reloads.  Your gun’s manufacturer may consider these shells to be reloaded.  I recommend that you read your warranty and check with your gun’s manufacturer if in doubt.

Gunbroker has a lot of ammo for sale from businesses and individuals.  Most are in cases of 10 or more boxes.  They have auctions like eBay and “Buy it now.”  That price is in line with prices that I’ve seen on Gunbroker.  Academy, when it has them, doesn’t allow you to buy more than three boxes.

What’s the best source for a case of 9mm ammo and a bucket or large quantity of .22 LR during the present (Covid) ammo shortage?

For hard-to-find ammo, I’ve been partial to gunbroker and ammoseek, which searches all ammo seller sites for what you’re looking for.

However, if you don’t want to wait for it to be mailed to you, I’d try Academy.  They had several cases of dove loads and boxes of .22 LR the other day (325 shells per box).  I didn’t look for 9mm.

I need advice on 9mm ammo.  I may do some target shooting.  But also would like to keep some hollow points on hand should the need ever arise.  Not planning to carry.  I have a WWII German 9mm that I got checked out and it is good-to-go.  I‘m thinking run-of-the-mill, but brass, not steel.

For practice ammo, I’m partial to Winchester White Box and Remington UMC.

For hollow points, I’m partial to Remington Ultimate DefenseWinchester PDX1Speer Gold Dot, Speer LawmanHornady Critical Defense, and Federal Hydra Shock.

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