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Randy Rowley has been getting quite a few e-mails from FCS members and guests about George Soros owning the Freedom group (that owns Remington, Marlin, Bushmaster and others) and its parent group Cerberus.  The e-mails basically are trying to scare people into thinking that because Soros owns all these gun companies that he will raise the prices so high that no one will be able to afford to buy them – basically a suppliers gun control.  They also implore you to e-mail everyone that you know.
The e-mails go like this:
For the last several years a company called “The Freedom Group” has been buying up American gun and ammunition manufacturers.

Some of these companies are:

Dakota Arms and
DPMS Panther Arms
Dakota Arms
LC Smith
Barnes Bullets

Some people worry that Freedom Group is going to control most of the firearms companies in the United States . Of course, If you control the manufacturers you can decide not to sell to civilians, or, you can raise the prices to ridiculous levels or you can make the supply of guns and ammo scarce – all sorts of logjams.

What a perfect way to control America’s guns!

If you do some digging you will see that The Freedom Group is owned by a Wall Street investment company called “Cerberus Capital Management”.

“Cerberus” in the epic book “The Inferno” by Dante Alighieri, is a three-headed demon hound (from Roman mythology) that guards the Gates of Hell to prevent those damned souls who have just crossed the river Styx , from escaping back to the world.

Investor GEORGE SOROS owns Cerberus!
Here are the facts:
Regarding George Soros owning Cerberus) the editor at Accurate Shooter ( states:

EDITOR: Enough Already with this Soros Nonsense!
George Soros does NOT own or control the Freedom Group or any of its subsidiaries. Got That?
We don’t know how this rumor started, but it is WRONG.
Repeat: Soros does NOT own or control the Freedom Group of Companies. And he does NOT own or control the Freedom Group parent, Cerberus Capital Management.

Source: Illinois State Rifle Association,

Roy says:

October 11, 2011 at 12:05 pm

Dear Editor, No, Soros does not own Freedom Group HOWEVER he does own Cerebrus [sic] does he not???

EDITOR: NO, NO, NO. Repeat NO!
Got it yet?
George Soros does not own or control Cerberus Capital management.  Reports that he does are completely, 100% WRONG!  Can we be any more clear about this?!

Some idiot bloggers have been linking to an older post from this site in connection with their bogus claim that Soros owns Cerberus. We NEVER, EVER wrote that, and we never even mentioned Soros.

These acqusitions appear to actually bode well for the firearms industry. Here’s another quote from the same website:
“One positive aspect to Cerberus’ involvement in the gun industry is that the huge political clout Cerberus commands as the ‘rescuer’ of Chrysler Corp. should undermine efforts to ban AR-platform rifles.  Cerberus is big enough to make waves in Washington.  Money talks in politics and Cerberus has lots of it.”

I wonder if any psychological studies have been done about people who get their jollies by making up such lies for the purpose of causing others to worry.  They’re probably cut from the same cloth as those who create viruses and hack into other peoples computers.

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