Austin Police Chief says gun owners need to be educated on securing their guns from burglars


Police Chief Art Acevedo was quoted by KXAN in a 1/24/13 report to say, “”We have a tremendous problem with burglaries,” Acevedo said, “Too often, that’s the way criminals get their hands on guns.””  The police department will focus on educating gun owners, among other things.  The report states, “Education would include how to keep homes and cars safe by properly securing guns to prevent a potential burglar from gaining access to a firearm.”  Chief Acevedo seemed to imply that gun owners are partially to blame for criminals obtaining their weapons because we are not locking our guns in gun safes!  One has to wonder how long it will be before the city requires all guns to be kept in safes?  Having to buy a $2,000 safe would be very effective gun control as many gun owners could not afford them and would then have to sell their guns or surrender them to the city in order to comply with the ordinance.  Hogwash, you might say.  A reminder that this is the same same city that requires bicyclists to wear helmets and banned stores from using plastic bags!  See http://www.kxan.com/dpp/news/local/austin/apd-has-plan-to-increase-gun-safety.

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