What are two – three of the best crossbows for your money?  Can you hunt with a crossbow in the archery season?  Where are some places that will let you test crossbows?

Killer Instinct, Center Point, Wicked Ridge, Excalibur, Bear, PSE, and Horton are well known, although Horton went out of business.  Raven and Tenpoint are very good but a lot more expensive.  I bought a Killer Instinct KI350 (350 feet per second).  It has a lifetime warranty (the best in the industry).  It came with a Lumix illuminated 4x32mm crossbow scope and cost $220, including shipping.  Barnett has some budget bows, but Archery Country won’t work on them.

Yes, the Texas Legislature passed a law several years ago that made it legal for anyone to hunt with a crossbow during archery season (or gun season), not just people with upper extremity weakness.

I’m not sure if Archery Country will let you shoot crossbows on their indoor range.  I advise that you call them at 512-452-1222 before you head there.  Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s also have small indoor ranges for people to test their compound bows.  I’m not sure if they offer the same service for crossbows.  I recommend that you call them before you head there.

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