Deer Day Leases by Randy Rowley


Here are some possibilities:
A co-worker has hunted the Herman Settemyer Ranch for the past nine years.  He lives in Wichita Falls and passes a lot of good ranches along the way, which tells me a lot.  The ranch is right across the highway from Enchanted Rock State Park.  Herman charged $250/weekend when I contacted him four years ago.

The following ads were found on Texas Day Hunting Ranches –
Siller Ranch- 200 acres in Frio County
Game Available: Whitetail deer, turkey, hogs, dove and quail.
Approved Weapons: Rifle or Bow.
Cost: $150/day.
Accommodations on Ranch? No (but he allows camping).
Additional Information: Total of 7 deer blinds.  Each deer blind has it’s own feeder.  No deer proof fence.  Surrounded by 5,000 acres of open fields.  Oats are planted within the 200 acres.  No trophy fees.
Allen Neumann and I hunted the above ranch on 12/22 – 23/04.  For $150/day it’s a good deal.
Steadham Ranch – 600 acres in Montague County
Game Available: Whitetail deer, turkey, hogs, varmints and fishing.
Approved Weapons: Rifle or Bow.
Cost: $125/day, 2 day minimum.
Accommodations on Ranch? No.
Additional Information: 3 large lakes.  250 acres of wheat & oats.  Lots of fish and game.  You may take 1 buck, 1 doe, 1 turkey, 4 hogs and any varmints.  Feeders and blinds in place.  NO KILL FEES.

As I recall the above ranch is in North Texas, near Oklahoma.  I e-mailed him four years ago and did not get a response.  I can’t recall if I tried to call him.
Sedberry Ranch – 400 acres in San Saba County
Game Available: Whitetail deer
Approved Weapons: Rifle
Cost: $125/day
Accommodations on Ranch? No, primitive camp site.
Additional Information: Under game management program. We utilize feeders and blinds throughout the ranch.  Ranch has lots of cover, ponds and a creek runs through the property.  Not hunted in the last 3 years.

The above ranch is near San Saba.  I e-mailed him four years ago and did not get a response.  I can’t recall if I tried to call him.
1 Big Buck Outfitters- 2500 acres in Motley County
Game Available: Whitetail Deer, Hogs, Fishing, Rio Grande Turkey
Approved Weapons: Rifle, Bow, Pistol, Crossbow or Blackpowder.
Cost: $500/day.
Accommodations on Ranch? Yes, cabin.
Additional Information: All hunts are fully guided and include home cooked meals and lodging.  Hunters have the option of staying on our nice hunting camp on the ranch or in the modern facilities located in Matador, TX.  All the hunters were successful in killing a deer last year.  They ranged in size from a small 6 point to approximately a 140 B&C.  We also have lots of turkeys hunting available.  The land has been game managed for the past 5 years.

They are expensive but have a great success rate!

Here are a couple websites to look at:

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