Does FCS have a deer, hog, dove, etc. season or year-round lease?  If not, where can I find a lease?


We have discussed having a Club lease and even buying property on more than one occasion, but the obstacles have always been insurmountable, including lack of funds, how to handle land or lease payments, what to do if a member wants to sell his share of the land or lease, maintaining the property, how to handle guests and other rules that will need to be developed and enforced, and the need for at least a part-time lease manager.  Every time that we have discussed it we simply have not had enough members willing to pay the kind of money that was involved.  We are predominantly a bird hunting club – probably less than 30 of our members are on deer leases.  We’ve also always focused on low cost events, as the vast majority of our members are on a tight budget.

Other factors that we’d have to tackle are whether we’d make a lease (if we found one) the Club, where, for example, $2,500 gets you in the Club, with extra events that the lease members get to do (e.g., bird hunts, fishing trips, sporting clays shoots, etc.).  If that’s the route we’d have taken, we’d have been a very small club.  We have had and continue to have Club members join leases together but that is far from a Club lease, where any member could hunt at the lease.  Presently, the Club officers are not interested in fundamentally changing our membership requirements and focus.  Consequently, when we deer hunt at ranches or with guides the hunts are day hunts.

Another option is to contact the Austin Woods and Waters Club.  They’re even older than us and focus on higher-end events (e.g., trips to Africa, Alaska, Costa Rica, etc.).  They might have a Club lease that members are allowed to join; however, if they do they don’t advertise it on their website.

For 2019 – 2023 FCS has had an “FCS members-only” dove lease near Bartlett.  The cost is $250 for both halves of the season.

If you are looking for a year-round, season, or day lease, here are five websites that advertise leases (they aren’t limited to just deer):

And here are six Facebook Groups that advertise leases (you have to join the groups; they aren’t limited to just deer):
  • Texas Hunting & Deer Leases
  • Texas Hunting and Deer Leases (they ripped off the first site’s name)
  • Texas Hunting Leases and Day Hunts
  • Texas Hunting Leases and Outfitters
  • Texas Hunting Guides & Outfitters
  • Texas Cheap Hunts and Fishing (this site tends to focus on day hunts)
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