Duck Hunting 101 Trips by Randy Rowley


As you’ve probably seen, I occasionally send out emails when I have a vacancy(ies) for one of my self-guided duck or teal hunting trips.  I know that some of you have no experience hunting, but are wanting to learn, and/or don’t have the necessary equipment (e.g., decoys).  Don’t let either of those stop you from RSVPing in the future.

I’ll do my best to teach you the basics – how to set out decoys, how to set up a blind, how to identify ducks, when to shoot, and which ducks to target.  I’ll also teach you the basics of calling if you want to learn, but freely admit that I’m not a great caller (my band director told me my mouth isn’t shaped right to play a clarinet – that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it).  (Note that these trips are not the place to be taught how to load, hold, and shoot a shotgun – our sporting clays shoots are the best events to learn those basics.)

I have a plethora of decoys that I’ve collected over the past four decades.  I also have extra waders (boot size 11), floating gun cases, cap lights, and a plethora of 2XL and 3XL camo hunting clothes.  I have a camo blind that hides four hunters on my camo boat.  If we hunt on land, I have a blind and extra stools and buckets.

I have every kind of safety and comfort gear imaginable on my boat, including at least five life jackets, a thrown cushion, three ponchos/raincoats, a large first aid kit, horns, flares, a fire extinguisher, a jump starter, paddles, tools, toilet paper, and the Holy Pee Cup.  I also have four fillet knives and cutting boards for cleaning ducks afterwards (I’ll happily teach you how to do it) and Ziploc bags to put your ducks in.  I have a medium-sized ice chest to put your drinks in and storage compartments for things that don’t need to be kept cold.

I’m also very patient and have been told I’m a good teacher.

The sport is called hunting – not killing.  I offer no guarantees other than we’ll try our best.  If Plan A isn’t working, I’ll abandon it and go to Plan B.  Sometimes we do well; more often we don’t, but we always enjoy the beauty of God’s creation and the fellowship.

I don’t make any money on these trips.  I assure you that I spend far more on boat maintenance, boat repairs, and insurance than you will on shared gas and ramp fees.

For more information, see our Self-guided Duck/Teal Hunts web page.  If you have any questions, contact me at randywrowley@gmail.com (my preference) or 512-922-2484.

The next time that you see I have a vacancy on one of my self-guided hunts, sign up!  I hope to see you in the blind!

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