FCS Season Dove Lease Near Bartlett


Mike Walsh, Dove Czar, met with Brett Harbers on 7/6/22 on his land near Bartlett.  Brett showed him around the lease and he was pleasantly surprised to see the number of sunflowers that were there.  The middle hay field, that borders the fence line behind the three-stall shed tree line and the big sunflower field, is now covered in sunflowers, making 150 acres of sunflowers to hunt.  See the below pictures.  Brett will cut strips with his tractor through all the sunflower fields so we can hunt in them if we want and also will be able to recover our birds.  The lease cost is still $250/hunter.

Here’s a birds-eye picture of the lease – https://www.google.com/maps/place/30%C2%B050’54.7%22N+97%C2%B025’58.7%22W/@30.8475476,-97.4378252,929m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d30.848524!4d-97.432965?hl=en.  Another group has the area in the bottom right marked with an “X” (we can’t hunt there).  You’ll see the barn (to the right of the center), the fields, the tanks, the creek, and the wooded areas.  If you’re a Facebook Friend of Ken Miller he has a lot of pictures of the lease on his Facebook page.

Here is the original property:

There will be an additional property that has 60 acres of sunflowers.  The property is about a 1/4 mile south on Harber Rd., just past the sharp turn to the left at the House and past the harvested corn field at the western boundary fence line at the sunflowers.  The X designates the two entry points, double gates, to the new property.  Brett mentioned all the gates will remain open and we can park along the side of the road at the north gates and walk into the sunflower field if we want to or we can drive into the field to hunt.  We can hunt everywhere inside the yellow outlines.  There are fences at yellow outlines that we will be hunting inside of.

Here are the properties zoomed out.  The main entrance to the original property is at the shed on Harber Rd. (1/4 mile north on the left from Lindemann Rd.).

There is also a double entry gate on Lindemann Rd. on the south end of the property.  The tree line and fence to the west are the western boundaries.  Harber Rd. is the eastern boundary and across the bridge where Harber Rd. turns hard to the right at the fence line to the left is the Northern boundary.  There is a gate to the creek pasture across the bridge, turning left on Harber Rd.

We can also hunt across the road from the sunflower fields from the first bend on Harber Rd. past the new property on the east and west side of Harber Rd., to where Harber Rd bends to the left past the old homestead after opening weekend.

Important note: Brett has shredded the thirteen acres on the southeast corner of the original property.  The four hunters who leased the thirteen acres will now be hunting on our property at the west side of the tree line from the green columbine machine to the outside fence line of the thirteen acres.  They have up to the tree line behind the shed.  We can hunt inside the fence behind the shed at the tree line and in the pasture with the sunflowers across the road from the tank and along inside of the fence line to the west in the hay field, which is now sunflowers.  Brett says they are only there for the first week.  After that, if no one is hunting there it’s ours.  If anyone says they are from that group during the first week and asks you to move please oblige them.

RSVP to Mike if you want to be on this lease to duxmn@austin.rr.com or 512-560-7001.  Also contact Mike if you have any questions.  Payment in full is due with your RSVP to Mike (make your check out to Brett Harbers) at 106 San Saba St., Round Rock, TX 78664. 

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