Do you know of any used feeders for sale?  I’m looking for easy set-up and filling.  I may need to get it above cows.

There are none presently on the FCS website.  I’ve seen some on Facebook Marketplace.

What 5-gallon deer feeder and feeder battery charger should I get?

Academy and Bass Pro don’t have any 5-gallon feeders on their websites (just a 15-gallon Moultrie one, which would weigh 120 lbs. with three bags of corn in it and would require a lot thicker tree branch).

Best Deer Feeders for the Money recommends the American Hunter 5-Gallon Bucket Feeder.  You can get one on Amazon for $49.99.  However, it has more 1-star (bad) reviews than 5-star reviews on Amazon.  The downside is it comes with a plastic bucket, which isn’t as good as metal.  This one includes a varmint guard and appears to have a metal barrel – https://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/american-hunter-50-lb-hanging-feeder-treebark-camo?a=272788.  It costs $58.49 if you’re a Sportsman’s Guide member; $64.99 if you’re not.  I’d get that one, if I were you.

As to feeder battery chargers, I’d go with the HQRP Fully Automatic 6V/12V Sealed Lead Acid Smart Battery Charger SLA Maintainer, as it will shut off and won’t keep charging when the battery is fully charged.  They sell for $25.95.

I just purchased some property in South Texas and have been setting up feeders and never used Moultrie, but we have been having issues with them such as some get water in the units and timers fry, spinner does not work well, etc.  Do you have a recommendation on the brand to use?  What do you use?

I’ve always used Moultrie.  Here is an article on The 9 Best Deer Feeders.

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