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I am a single father and my daughter is 12.  Naturally much of my life revolves around her.  Her outdoor passion for the last 8 years has been fly fishing and tying.  She has had 100-150 days on the water per year for the last eight years and has caused quite a stir in the industry on an international level.  While there are many organizations which focus on fly fishing, her new “acceptance” of fire arms has lead me to seek information on organizations with a broader outdoor experience.  Yours came to mind.  Ideally for us, an organization would have opportunity for her to learn new outdoor skills such as hunting and shooting but also have an anchor with what she is already quite familiar (i.e., fly fishing and tying).  Looking at the FCS event calendar I do not see fly fishing events.  Do you have many members who fly fish?  Does your group ever get together for river or public land trash pickups?  That is another passion of hers.

We have at least three members who fly fish.  One of them, Mark Dillow, is heavily involved in the Guadalupe River Chapter of Trout Unlimited (GRTU – https://grtu.org/) and national Trout Unlimited (TU).  If you’d like I can give you his contact info.

Most of our fishing is done by boat, which would make fly fishing difficult, if not impossible, and it would probably interfere with the other fishermen.  I’ve never had anyone ask me if they could fly fish from a boat during one of our events.

We’re also primarily a club for adults.  We don’t prohibit minors, but we don’t target or cater to them.  We often do training during meetings and some members will coach informally during sporting clays shoots.  The organizations that I know about who target kids, such as Kids Outdoor Zone (KOZ), introduce kids to fishing, but I don’t think that includes fly fishing.  So, her best option would be to become involved in GRTU.

Lately our ministries have involved feeding people wild game and other food.  Most of us are in our 60’s (I was 28 when we started the club and am 63 now) and trash cleanup on a river is beyond many of our physical abilities, unfortunately.  Also, to be blunt, it’s hard enough for me to get people to sign up for a shared-expense fishing trip or duck hunt – I’m sure an endeavor such as trash cleanup on a river would be met with the sound of crickets.  Years ago, when we were younger and not afflicted with bad backs and knees, arthritis, etc. we’d help people move, but even then the most I ever rounded up was three other guys other than myself.

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