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Paul Wilson has known this family for 35 years and says that they are doing God’s work.

Ten years ago today, less than a week after his 18th birthday, Chris Canales suffered a life-threatening injury on the football field that left him paralyzed.  November 2, 2001 is a day that changed the Canales Family forever.
Through courage, effort and persistence, Chris and Eddie turned that tragedy into one of the most important and meaningful organizations in the world: Gridiron Heroes.
In the past decade, Gridiron Heroes has helped dozens of families who have endured the same devastating injury.  Without Chris and Eddie, these families would have had nowhere to turn – no support system.  As Kyle Chandler said in an interview, “they are Angels” sent to the families they counsel.
Because of their efforts, Eddie has been named a 2011 CNN Hero and is being honored next month at an Awards Show in Los Angeles .  During the Show, one winner of CNN Hero of the Year will be named, whose organization will receive a $250,000.00 grant.  We can all help Gridiron Heroes receive this honor by voting for Eddie right here:
In honor of what Chris and Eddie have dedicated their lives to in the past 10 years, I encourage you to VOTE FOR EDDIE at the link above.  Also, if you are able to today, please take a minute to go online and make a donation to Gridiron Heroes at
Unfortunately, the need for Chris and Eddie’s efforts grows each year.  We appreciate your support more than you’ll ever know.  Thank you.
PS – With the CNN Heroes Award Show coming up soon, Gridiron Heroes has received terrific coverage from all over the country.  I will leave you with a few links (below) to some recent articles and interviews about Eddie, Chris and their work.
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