Gun Gifting

A very close friend recently passed away and gave me his 7mm mag with 20x scope.  With the addition of that gun, I don’t really need my .270, so I want to give to my son.  I also have an old .22 that was my dad’s and I want to give it to my sister in Florida.  Any issues with gifting these rifles?

No, there are no issues presently with gifting guns.  However, if many people get their way and close what they call the “gun show loophole” you would have to transfer them via a licensed firearms dealer, which would require the recipient to complete the ATF Form that gun buyers complete when we buy a gun at a dealer.  At least the recipient would have to pay the dealer a transfer fee.  It would be another layer of unneeded bureaucracy that would protect no one.  Their theory that criminals would no longer be able to buy guns at gun shows is bogus, as criminals don’t buy guns – they steal them.  (I realize that’s shocking.)

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