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Where can I sell high-end guns?

The Orvis Gun Room sells high-end guns on consignment.  The person who I contacted was Greg Carpiniellog – the Orvis Gun Department Manager.  His email address is CARPINIELLOG@orvis.com.  At the time of my inquiry, I was selling a Classic Doubles O/U 12 gauge shotgun.  From doing a web search I found two similar 12 gauges – one was selling for $1300 and the other was selling for $1195.  Also, at that time the asking price for the cheapest O/U that was for sale on the Orvis website was $2500.  I asked him if he was interested in selling my shotgun, as it was a lot less cheap than their cheapest gun, and he said no.  But he gave me a lot of good information on Classic Doubles.  Right now their cheapest shotgun is 5K.  A negative is they’re located in Manchester, Vermont, so you’d have to ship your gun(s) to them.

I’ll be happy to put these on the FCS Guns and Accessories for Sale page, at no charge.  Also, check out Texas Gun Trader.  They also don’t charge anything.  I’ve sold nine guns as a result of ads on their website.  All sales were local and none had any issues.  A lot more people look at their website than ours.

I’ve got an old shotgun that may be worth something.  Do you know of any place that deals in antique firearms?

Places that you might try include the Cabela’s Gun Library, McBride’s, and Blackjack Guns.  You also might see if one is selling on www.gunbroker.com or www.gunsamerica.com.

I’ve been intrigued by military history for a long time, and I’ve been pondering buying an M1 Garland for a while.  I don’t want to pay $1300 on GunsAmerica and don’t qualify for the $830 CMP deal.  Do you have any contacts or suggestions? 

I’ve had good luck with www.gunbroker.com.  I’ve bought six guns and sold three there.  They have bidding and buy it now prices.  Your gun has to be shipped to an FFL dealer.  You do the paperwork with him.  There will be a transfer fee.  I use my son, Ryan, in Liberty Hill.  He only charges $20 to receive a gun.  He is a lot cheaper than the Austin boys.  McBride’s also has good prices on used guns.

I saw your FB post with your boomstick for sale and the follow-up about not including prices.  Is there any other place, besides our FB, to list boomsticks that we no longer need?

I’ve had great success selling three guns on the FCS website.  Two sold in one day.  The last one took a week.  The three keys are:
  1. Sell something popular/not obscure.  For example, if you try to sell a 28 gauge shotgun you probably won’t get any interest because the shells are very hard to find and they’re expensive.
  2. A picture is worth a thousand words – the more pictures the better.
  3. Provide lots of information.  For example, if your shotgun is back bored list that fact and state how that is beneficial (i.e., back bored to provide tighter, more uniform patterns).  If your shotgun has six chokes list that and what they are (maker, constriction, and whether they’re extended).  If your gun has extras list those (e.g., sling, extra magazine, ammo, fiber optics sights, etc.).  Other important things to include are barrel length (especially true for shotguns), any blemishes on the gun/condition, and any special features (e.g., my Browning Gold Hunter had a speed load feature that loads the gun when the breach is open by stuffing a shell in the magazine – very helpful when you’re wanting to get off a quick fourth shot while dove or duck hunting).
I’ve sold nine guns on www.texasguntrader.com.  There is no charge, but you can make a donation if you wish.
I sold three guns on www.gunbroker.com.  Working with gunbroker is easy, but their ads are expensive.  You just have to set up an account.  Bidding is similar to eBay, with a 15 minute “last call” rule.  You have to receive your gun via an FFL dealer.  I use my son, Ryan, in Liberty Hill.  He only charges $20 to receive a gun.  He is a lot cheaper than the Austin boys.
Travis County Anglers (a deliberately misleading name) allows guns to be listed.  Usually, folks just say, “PM me if you would like to discuss.”  Don’t put, “Gun for sale” or similar.  Also, don’t list the asking price.  If you do either of those things FB will suspend you.
I’m happy to put your guns on the FCS Guns and Accessories web page – just let me know.

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